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Open-File Report 96-272, Offshore Gas Hydrate Sample Database with an Overview and Preliminary Analysis
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6. Acknowledgments

We are grateful for the input and insight on hydrate field data given by Ben Clennell (University of Leeds) and Martin Hovland (Statoil). William P. Dillon (USGS) provided valuable discussion on data interpretation. The efforts of Colleen Hurter (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution), Dave Foster (USGS) and George Heimerdinger (NOAA), who provided support during the building of the database, are also acknowledged. The thorough reviews by Dave Twichell (USGS) and Joe Gettrust (NRL-Stennis Space Center) were greatly appreciated. We especially thank Bob Oldale (USGS), who provided invaluable comments and suggestions for the manuscript. This work was a part of the U.S. Geological Survey marine gas hydrates research program. Naval Research Laboratory contribution MR/7432--96-8016.

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