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Open-File Report 97–438
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Debris-Flow Hazards in Areas Affected by the June 27, 1995 Storm in Madison County, Virginia

By Morgan, B.A., Wieczorek, G.F., Campbell, R.H., and Gori, P.L.

A severe storm on June 27, 1995 triggered hundreds of rock, debris and soil slides from the steep hillsides of Madison County, Virginia. Most of these transformed into debris flows that inundated areas downslope causing damage to structures, roads, utilities, livestock and crops. This report contains an analysis of areas susceptible to debris flows including an examination of source areas, channels and areas of deposition. These analyses are used to develop a methodology for identifying areas subject to debris-flow hazards in Madison County. The report concludes with a discussion of strategies for reducing debris-flow hazards and the long term risk of these hazards in Madison County as well as for similar areas along the eastern flank of the Blue Ridge.

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Posted 1998

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