Circum-North Pacific Map (CD-ROM): Credits
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We gratefully and proudly acknowledge that this CD-ROM publication is the combined work of many members of the U.S. Geological Survey and the Geological Survey of Canada. The preparation of the digital data and the maps was accomplished under the auspices of the Cartography Section of the Geoscience Information Division (GID), Natural Resources Canada.

Recommended citation

Recommended citation Nokleberg, W.J., West, T.D., Dawson, K.M., Shpikerman, V.I., Bundtzen, T.K., Parfenov, L.M., Monger, J.W.H., Ratkin, V.V., Baranov, B.V., Byalobzhesky, S.G., Diggles, M.F., Eremin, R.A., Fujita, Kazuya, Gordey, S.P., Gorodinskiy, M.E., Goryachev, N.A., Feeney, T.D., Frolov, Y.F., Grantz, Arthur, Khanchuck, A.I., Koch, R.D., Natalin, B.A., Natapov, L.M., Norton, I.O., Patton, W.W., Jr., , Plafker, George, Pozdeev, A.I., Rozenblum, I.S., Scholl, D.W., Sokolov, S.D., Sosunov, G.M., Stone, D.B., Tabor, R.W., Tsukanov, N.V., and Vallier T.L.
1998: Summary terrane, mineral deposit, and metallogenic belt maps of the Russian Far East, Alaska, and the Canadian Cordillera (CD-ROM): U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 98-136 (CD-ROM).


We thank the many geologists who have worked with us for their valuable expertise and contributions in each region of Alaska, the Russian Far East, Hokkaido Island of Japan, the Canadian Cordillera, and the U.S.A. Pacific Northwest. In particular we thank J.N. Aleinikoff, Yu.V. Arkhipov, H.C. Berg, R.B. Blodgett, S.E. Box, D.A. Brew, M.D. Bulgakova, Ch. B. Borukayev, D.C. Bradley, Howard Brooks, J. Decker, Cynthia Dusel-Bacon, H.L. Foster, V.V. Gaiduk, B.M. Gamble, V.V. Golozubov, D.G. Howell, D.L. Jones, S.M. Karl, S.V. Kovalenko, the late Lidiya I. Kovbas, W.C. McClelland, E.M. MacKevett, Jr., A.V. Makhinin, M.V. Martynyuk, M.L. Miller, T.P. Miller, L.Ph. Mishin, E.J. Moll-Stalcup, T.E. Moore, S.W. Nelson, V.S. Oxman, S.A. Palanjan, I.V. Panchenko, T.L. Pavlis, L.I. Popeko, A.V. Prokopiev, J.C. Reed, Jr., D.H. Richter, S.M. Roeske, V.I. Shpikerman, N.J. Silberling, T.E. Smith, A.B. Till, F.F. Tret'yakov, A.N. Vishnevskiy, I.G. Volkodav, Koji Wakita, W.K. Wallace, G.R. Winkler, L.P. Zonenshain, and Yu.P. Zmievsky for their many fruitful discussions. We thank Ch.B. Borykayev, the late William R. Greenwood, Donald Grybeck, B.A. Morgan III, I.Ya. Nekrasov, A.T. Ovenshine, P.P. Hearn, A.A. Sidorov, T.E. Smith, D.J. Templeman-Kluit, and W.H. White for their encouragement and support of the project.

Additional assistance for preparation of the CD-ROM and files related to SurView and JagPlay was provided by J.A. Grant (Airborne Geophysics Section, Mineral Resources Division, Geological Survey of Canada).

Geographic Base

The digital base is from the:

World Data Bank II topographic data set

with modifications by the Geoscience Information Division (GID), Natural Resources Canada

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