Travelin' Troupe

sunset over the water illustration
  • Paper
  • Colored markers
  • Construction paper
  • Props for actors


  1. Divide the class into groups of four to five students.

  2. Each small group will become a "Travelin' Troupe" touring through the Lake Pontchartrain Watershed. Troupes in times past were costumed actors/actresses who acted out plays that informed and entertained audiences. The Troupe's charge is to promote the Lake Pontchartrain Watershed as a tourist attraction having unique and exciting features and abundant plants and animals.

  3. Each Troupe must develop:

    • A script promoting the Lake Pontchartrain Watershed

    • A promotional poster to advertise their "performance;"

    • A program for the "performance;"

    • A "Participation in the Basin" survey for the audience.

    Sample Survey Questions

    • In your lifetime, what major changes have you witnessed in the lake and surrounding areas?

    • Did you ever swim in the lake?

    • Do you use the lake for boating, crabbing, or fishing?

    • Have you read any information in the newspaper about the lake?

    • Have you participated in a lake clean­up?

    • What do you do at your home that influences the water quality of the lake?

  4. Troupes may choose to emphasize the cultural, geologic, biologic, or geographic features of the Lake Pontchartrain Watershed. They must, however, include a variety of sites or features.

  5. Troupes will:

    • perform a script that they write, for example, a travelogue;

    • give a formal oral presentation like a panel discussion;

    • perform a creative dance or write a song about the sites chosen, e.g., Native American sites along the shores of the lake.

Assessment Questions:

Is it colorful?
Is is legible?
Does it provide accurate information?
Does it grab/draw the viewer's attention?

Does it clearly and completely outline and describe the performance?
Is it well organized?
Is creativity exemplified through novel, unique, or original elements?

Is it well organized?
Is there a clear focus?
Does it provide useful information?
Does it allow the participants to voice concerns/interests about the Basin?

Is it well organized?
Are the participants articulate?
Do the participants present useful information?
Do the participants use visual aids?


  • Ask the students to plan a trip with their families to various locations the Lake Pontchartrain Watershed.

  • Encourage the students to create a photojournal of the Lake Pontchartrain Watershed.

  • Ask the students to keep a journal while researching this project. Entries may include memories, questions, wishes, plans.

  • Display and share the theme maps made in the previous activity with family, friends, or others. Ask for other ideas about maps for the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Watershed.

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