Activity: The Great Pontchartrain Pursuit, Section III
Preparing a Documentary-Style Report


Work in cooperative groups to prepare a documentary report, focusing on an aspect of the cultural history of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin.


  • Paper and Pencils/Pens
  • Word Processors/Computers as available
  • Props (hats, backdrops, etc.)

Getting Ready:

  • Schedule computer time; students will need access to word processing programs.


  1. Students work in their groups to complete writing descriptions and stories about their selected artifacts, demonstrating how these artifacts are significant to the cultural history of the area.

  2. Students write short accounts or stories about the other information they have gathered (e.g., a section of a diary or a fascinating story about a notable person in the history of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin.)

  3. Students arrange their information chronologically.

  4. In cooperative groups, students prepare a presentation of their work, developing a script for their presentation. Encourage creativity; students may choose to illustrate a point with a short skit or a song.

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