The Great Pontchartrain Pursuit
Capturing History in a Box

This activity is divided into five sections:

  1. Learning about cultures in the Lake Pontchartrain Basin

  2. Collecting and cataloging artifacts

  3. Preparing a documentary-style report

  4. Designing a History Box

  5. Making a presentation, in documentary form,using collected information and artifacts


The purpose of this activity is to instill an awareness in students of the important role the Lake Pontchartrain Basin has played in the history of our culture.


something produced by human work

oral history
historical data consisting of personal recollections

primary source
a source of information written directly by the person whose experience is recorded (e.g., journals and diaries)

secondary source
a source of information that is indirect, information written after the fact about historical events (e.g., history books)

a person who studies the customs and cultures, etc. of the human race

a person who studies the human cultures of the past

a film or report in which evidence and information are used to tell a true story about a topic

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