Activity: The Great Pontchartrain Pursuit, Section IV
Designing a History Box


  • Decorate a box with illustrations of selected historical events of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin.

  • Make a list of the artifacts to be included in the History Box.

  • Place the artifacts in the History box in an order determined by the group.


  • Large, Sturdy Cardboard Boxes (preferably with lids)
  • Paint/Markers, etc. for illustrations
  • Paper, Pens/Pencils

Getting Ready:

  1. Arrange the classroom, providing working space for each group.

  2. Obtain a plastic cover or drop cloth for art areas.


  1. Students assigned to the "design/graphics" role (See Group Assignments Handout) choose and depict a scene about a significant event in the history of the lake/basin.

  2. Students make a list of the artifacts and information to be included in the History Box.

  3. Students arrange all the artifacts, etc. in the box.

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