Internet Resources for Teachers & Students:
Environmental Education Web Sites

These sites contain specific resources for environmental education: lesson plans, activities, and research resources coordinated with other projects.

This site contains hundreds of K- 12 lesson plans on a variety of topics, including environmental education.

Center for Marine Conservation
Profiles of current programs, hot action topics, curricula and fact sheets, state-by-state data from their International Coastal Cleanup.

EE-Link (National Consortium for Environmental Education & Training)
EE-Link includes many well organized lists of links to other sites, but it also includes lesson plans, databases, and research resources on a wide variety of topics .

EE-Link Classroom Resources, Directories, Databases, Catalogs
This is a listing of classroom resources from the Environmental Education Link, in cooperation with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The Environmental Education Network
The Environmental Education Network (EEN) is a collaborative effort among educators, the EnviroLink Network and the environmental community to bring environmental education on-line and into a multimedia format. The EEN will act as the clearinghouse for all environmental education information, materials, and ideas on the Internet.

Environmental Protection Agency
List server: send e-mail to
with the message: subscribe EPA-PRESS Firstname Lastname (fill in your name) This site has background information and research materials on pollution, laws and regulations, and programs sponsored by the EPA.

Global Rivers Environmental Education Network
Watershed Educational Resources on the Internet.

GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment)
This site hosts a world-wide online research project incorporating participating students' observations of cloud formations, precipitation, and temperature. Research results are published in an online database.

This site allows students to collect information about the laws, history, land use, and the people within watershed systems.

Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation
This site includes information about local initiatives regarding saving the Lake Pontchartrain Basin. Environmental education information related to the Lake Pontchartrain Basin is included on this web site. (You can also contact the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation via e-mail,, or postal mail at P.O. Box 6965, Metairie, LA 70009-6965, or telephone 504-836-2238).

National Wildlife Federation in the Classroom
This K-8 site has background material, glossaries, and Ranger Rick Nature Scope classroom activities. Animal Tracks Online concentrates on five subject areas: Air, Habitat, People and the Environment, Wildlife and Endangered Species, and Water. Other areas include NWF for Kids, and Schoolyard Habitats.

North American Association for Enviromental Education
For information on their annual conference, available publications, and a list of other organizations' conferences.

Ocean Planet (sponsored by the Smithsonian)
This site contains information coordinated with a traveling exhibit sponsored by the Smithsonian. Even if the exhibit is not available, this is a terrific source for research resources, activities, and lesson plans on the ocean and its inhabitants.

PiViT (Project Integration and Visualization Tool)
PiViT is project design software for teachers which helps you to design project-based curriculum projects. It is suited to creating projects, libraries of activities, project objectives, and artifacts in a variety of curriculum areas, including environmental education. It is freely available to anyone who registers for it. For more information you can also contact PiViT via e-mail (, FTP ( /pub/PiViT/Mac, postal mail (Project-Based Science Group, The School of Education, The University of Michigan, 610 E. University, Room 1323, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1258), telephone (313-747-4225), or fax (313-763-1368). If contacting via postal mail, send a disk and self-addressed stamped envelope with your request.

Protected Areas Air ResourcesWeb
A graphical browser is necessary to appreciate this site that hosts a wealth of data on air pollution in our national parks, including photos, maps, explanations of problems and causes, details of laws regulating air pollution, and measurements and data from each park.

Science and the Environment -- A Learning Tool (Voyage Publishing)
This site is a bimonthly online magazine with articles on all sorts of environmental topics reprinted from other sources.

SEEK--Sharing Environmental Education Knowledge
Minnesota's Interactive Directory of Environmental Education Resources.

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