Internet Resources for Teachers & Students:
Wetlands Resources

These sites are particularly devoted to the study of wetlands; they include factual information, databases of research, and teacher and student activities.

U.S. Geological Survey
Study of Bottom Sediments from Lakes Pontchartrain & Maurepas
This project provides environmental/geochemical background on bottom sediments for the area, including a comprehensive chemical and environmental database of sediment data from Lakes Pontchartrain and Maurepas and surrounding regions.

Office of Water Wetlands Fact Sheet
The Office of Water, a subsidiary of the Environmental Protection Agency, provides fact sheets regarding wetlands issues at national, state, and local levels.

Recognizing Wetlands
This site is maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers and provides information about the definition and locations of wetlands. Other topics include recent environmental legislation, plant and animal life in wetlands, and the economic impact of wetland loss and

Wetlands Activities
Maintained by the U.S. Geological Survey within the Department of the Interior, this site highlights the importance of wetlands and discusses the activities of the Department of the Interior regarding wetlands.

Wetlands Values Database Query
This database of wetland information allows students and teachers alike to sift through information on wetland values through key word online searching.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service National Wetlands Inventory
Graphical maps provide information about the status of wetlands across the United States. Educational resources for teachers are also part of this web site.

E-mail Addresses

These e-mail addresses will provide more information on the following topics:

Environmental Web Sites
e-mail: or
Either of these e-mail addresses will provide a list of additional environmental web sites upon request.

National Student Research Center, Mandeville Middle School
Mandeville Middle School's National Student Research Center is dedicated to promoting student research and the use of the scientific methods in all subject areas across the curriculum. The Student Researcher is published quarterly. Send e-mail to the NSRC teacher/director John 1. Swang, Ph.D. for more information. You can also contact NSRC via postal mail at NSRC, Mandeville Middle School, 2525 Soult St., Mandeville, LA 70448, via telephone 504-626-5980, 504-626-8778. or via fax, 504-626-1640.

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