A USGS Marine and Coastal Studies Skill Training Module

Using the course controls

A USGS Marine and Coastal Studies Skill Training Module

This course will familiarize you with the use of vibracore technology.

Video, photographs, scrolling text fields and diagrams are used to help present the materiel in an interesting and effective manner.

Note: This course is not intended to replace working hands-on with the vibracore tools and equipment.

The course is designed to require you to interact with both text and video using the following controls. Always click NEXT to continue.

1. Use the scroll arrows to help read the text
that describes each step in a process.

2. Position the mouse cursor over any
button and press the left mouse button to pop
up descriptive video clips. Note the controls:

3. Click the buttons to see photo details.

4. After finishing a page, click on the "
button to advance to the next page.

5. Use the interactive "
Index" button to jump
directly to a specific page in the lesson.

Show still image

Click "Next" to continue.