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USGS Open-File Report 98-63

Methods for Estimating Streamflow in the Chattahoochee River Basin between Buford Dam and Franklin, Georgia

This report is available online in pdf format (1 MB): USGS OFR 98-63 (Opens the PDF file in a new window. )

Timothy C. Stamey

U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 98-63, 18 pages (Published 1998)


Simple and reliable methods for estimating hourly streamflow are needed for the calibration and verification of a Chattahoochee River basin model between Buford Dam and Franklin, Ga. The river basin model is being developed by Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection Division, as part of their Chattahoochee River Modeling Project. Concurrent streamflow data collected at 19 continuous-record, and 31 partial-record streamflow stations, were used in ordinary least-squares linear regression analyses to define estimating equations, and in verifying drainage-area prorations. The resulting regression or drainage-area ratio estimating equations were used to compute hourly streamflow at the partial-record stations. The coefficients of determination (r-squared values) for the regression estimating equations ranged from 0.90 to 0.99.

Observed and estimated hourly and daily streamflow data were computed for May 1, 1995, through October 31, 1995. Comparisons of observed and estimated daily streamflow data for 12 continuous-record tributary stations, that had available streamflow data for all or part of the period from May 1, 1995, to October 31, 1995, indicate that the mean error of estimate for the daily streamflow was about 25 percent.




Purpose and scope

Description of Chattahoochee River basin study area

Methods of analyses for estimating tributary streamflow

Regression analysis

Drainage-area ratio analysis

Basin-adjustment factor analysis

Data-processing application

Accuracy of methods

Comparisons of observed and estimated tributary streamflow data


Selected references

Appendix A—Examples of data-analysis procedures



This report is available online in pdf format (1 MB): USGS OFR 98-63 (Opens the PDF file in a new window. )
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