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Peter R. Briere
U.S. Geological Survey
384 Woods Hole Road
Woods Hole, MA 02543-1598
Telephone: (508) 457-2315
FAX: (508) 457-2310

Christopher C. Koenig
National Marine Fisheries Service
Panama City, FL 32408
Telephone: (850) 644-4509

Institute for Fishery Resource Ecology
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Tallahassee, FL 32306-2043

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Other pages of interest
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USGS Woods Hole Field Center
USGS GLORIA Mapping Program
USGS Seafloor Imagery-Monterey
NMFS Southeast Regional Office
NMFS-Our Living Oceans Annual Report
NOAA Web Sites
NOAA Coastal Ocean Program Office
International Year of the Ocean
National Geophysical Data Center-Marine Geology
EPA Oceans and Coastal Protection
USFWS Division of Habitat Conservation
Coastal America Partnership National Web Site
Gulf of Mexico Program
NASA Ocean Science Research Element-JPL
NASA SeaWiFS Project-Global Ocean Color Monitoring
Oceanography from the Space Shuttle
Interactive Marine Observations-National Weather Service
Woods Hole Ocean Acoustics Laboratory

Marine Science Institutions
Scripps Institute of Oceanography
University of Miami-Marine Geology and Geophysics
Oregon State University-Marine Geology
Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Department DRO/GM Geosciences Marine
Florida Tech-Division of Marine and Environmental Systems
U Alaska Institute of Marine Science/School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
Australian Institute of Marine Science
Ocean Information Center-University of Delaware
Ocean Remote Sensing-Johns Hopkins

Other Institutions and Organizations
Coastal Research and Education Society of Long Island Inc.
The Center For Coastal Studies-Provincetown
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Marine Conservation Biology Institute
Coral Reef Research Institute
Ocean Voice International
The Coral Reef Alliance
Ocean Studies Board-National Academy of Sciences
Reef Relief-Protecting Living Coral

Resources and Information
Reef Resource Page
Gulf of Mexico Internet Resource Page
Using Digital Sound in Marine Geoscience
Marinewatch- A Quarterly Journal of Marine Events
The Non-Destructive Coral Health Monitoring Home Page
A Guide to Integrated Coastal Zone Management
GPS Information
Coral Reef Fishes
New Images of the Seafloor off the U.S. Coast

A Few "Adventures"
Mother Jones ACTION ATLAS: Coral Reefs
Under the Oregon Coast "An Underseas Adventure"
Aquarius "Underwater Web Site"
NASA Observatorium
Ocean Planet- A Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition
Views of the Solar System
VolcanoWorld Starting Points

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