Fairbanks 1:250,000-scale quadrangle

National Geochemical Database:
U.S. Geological Survey RASS geochemical data for Alaska

U.S. Geological Survey
Open-File Report 99-433

(See Metadata for complete information on the sample description and analytical data coding schemes used in the dataset. Please note the metadata describes the entire RASS database; there may be fields or attributes listed that are not used in this dataset.)

Sample Type Number of
Download File File Size 
Stream Sediment 4 FBsed.wk1 7 KB
    FBsed.dbf 8 KB
    FBsed.csv 2 KB
Heavy mineral concentrate 319 FBconc.wk1 409 KB
    FBconc.dbf 652 KB
    FBconc.csv 148 KB
Soil 90 FBsoil.wk1 85 KB
    FBsoil.dbf 114 KB
    FBsoil.csv 26 KB
Water 0    
Organic material 0    

Total number of samples for the Fairbanks quadrangle: 413

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