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OFR 99–0557: Online Report
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Digitized Aeromagnetic Datasets for the Conterminous United States, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico

magnetic anomaly map of U.S.

 Disclaimer:  Not all of the United States has been digitized.  The grid that was used to generate this image of the Magnetic Anomaly of  the conterminous United States  (shaded from the NW) is available on the USGS Digital Data Series #9 (DDS-9) CD-ROM.  Another option to acquire this grid is an anonymous FTP site on the UNIX server The AAA_README  in pub/cdrom_DDS-9 explains available files

The data available here are a compilation of digitally converted analog magnetic field intensity maps.  These maps are either USGS or publicly accessible publications.  They were generated as needed to fulfill USGS project requirements.

Choose from one of the following states or territory. 

Alabama  Florida Kansas Minnesota New Jersey Oregon Texas Wyoming
Arizona Georgia Kentucky Mississippi New Mexico Pennsylvania Utah
Arkansas Hawaii Louisiana Missouri New York Puerto Rico Virginia
California Idaho Maine Montana North Carolina Rhode Island Vermont
Colorado Illinois Maryland Nebraska North Dakota South Carolina Washington
Connecticut Indiana Massachusetts Nevada Ohio South Dakota West Virginia
Delaware Iowa Michigan New Hampshire Oklahoma Tennessee Wisconsin

Composite and Merged
Aeromagnetic Data for

For further information about aeromagnetic data holdings at the U.S. Geological Survey, please contact
Pat Hill, (303) 236-1343, email (, or
Bob Kucks, (303) 236-1405, email (

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