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Publications—Open-File Report 99–99

Computer Program for Point Location And Calculation of ERror (PLACER)

By Gregory E. Granato

U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 99–99

Prepared in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration. A Contribution to the National Highway Runoff Data and Methodology Synthesis.


Table of contents for the disk

README.TXT -- The contents of this table (text file)
README.HTM -- An HTML (web) version of this table

OFR99-99.pdf -- The text of the report in Adobe Acrobat format OFR99-99 (208 KB) PDF file

PLACER.ZIP -- A microsoft zip file file holding compressed versions of all the files on this disk PLACER.ZIP (409K) ZIP file

PLACERV2.F -- PLACER FORTRAN code (Unix text file)
PLACERV2.FOR -- PLACER FORTRAN code (Dos/Windows text file)
PLACERV2.EXE -- PLACER executable DOS/Windows program
PLACERV2.OUT -- PLACER executable Data General Unix program
PLACERV2.BIN -- PLACER executable PowerMac program

IOFILE.TXT -- Input/Output text file: data from figure 1
SAMPLE1.TXT -- Input/Output text file: map coordinates example
SAMPLE2.TXT -- Input/Output text file: known locations example

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