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Table 1.  Literature citations for biological surveys and field studies in the South-Central Texas study unit, Texas

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(figs. 2

Citation Type of study Ecoregion
Verte- brates In- verte- brates Plants Tro- glo- bites Non- indig- enous Habi- tat Edwards aquifer Species of concern Water chem- istry Edwards Plateau Texas Black- land Prairies East Central Texas Plains Western Gulf Coastal Plain South- ern Texas Plains Subject
1 Anderson and others, 1995 X                 X X X     Examination of changes in Texas fish community structure over 30-year period.
2 Angerstein and Lemke, 1994     X   X         X         First collections of Hygrophila polysperma, a potentially noxious aquatic weed, reported from Comal and San Marcos Rivers, central Texas.
3 Barr and Spangler, 1992   X   X     X     X         Description of aquatic beetle, Stygoparnus comalensis, and comparison with dryopid genus Helichus. First member of Dryopidae reported from subterranean waters.
4 Barra, 1976   X                 X       Power-plant effluent effect on macroinvertebrate diversity in Calaveras Lake.
5 Bayer, 1975   X               X X X X   Description of dragonfly (Anisoptera) nymphs in lentic and lotic areas, Guadalupe River Basin.
6 Bayer and others, 1992 X X       X     X X X     X Classification of smaller streams in Texas.
7 Bowles, 1994   X                 X       Survey of caddisflies of Comal Springs.
8 Bowles and Short, 1988 X X             X X         Effect of fish predation on macroinvertebrate drift in Honey Creek.
9 Bowman and Jensen, 1977   X             X       X   Collection of field data and water samples for chemical analysis at seven sites on Nueces River.
10 Bradsby, 1994 X X X     X         X       Impact of recreation on upper San Marcos River.
11 Brown, 1953 X       X           X       List of introduced fish species in San Marcos, Comal, and San Antonio Springs.
12 Buzan, 1982a   X             X X X       Two surveys in Cibolo Creek, 1980.
13 Buzan, 1982b X X             X X X       Two surveys in Salado Creek, 1981.
14 Cover, 1980   X                 X       Mayfly drift in San Marcos River.
15 Crowe and Sharp, 1997 X X X   X X X X X   X       Delineation of 18 distinctive habitats for endangered fountain darter in Comal Springs/River system.
16 Davis, 1975 X                   X       Survey of parasitic worms of western mosquitofish, Gambusia affinis, near San Marcos.
17 Davis, 1980 X                 X         Comparison of growth of largemouth bass from selected areas of Canyon Reservoir.
18 Davis, 1982   X               X X       Benthic macroinvertebrate diversity of three subreaches of Cibolo Creek.
19 De La Cruz, 1978   X             X         X Collection of physical, chemical, and biological data for Nueces River.
20 De La Cruz, 1994 X X       X     X   X       Biosurvey for impact assessment of lower Leon Creek using modified Rapid Bioassessment Protocols III and V.
21 Devall, 1940     X     X     X           Macrophytes of Spring Lake (San Marcos Springs).
22 Epperson and Short, 1987   X                         Annual production of the hellgrammite, Corydalus cornutus, in Guadalupe River.
23 Espey, Huston and Associates, Inc., 1983 X X             X   X X     Examination of aquatic habitats of Medina and San Antonio Rivers.
24 Ezell, 1982   X             X X X       Two surveys, 1979--collection of physical, chemical, and biological data for Cibolo Creek.
25 Findeisen, 1997 X         X     X     X     Determination of fish species composition, biotic integrity, sensitivity of index of biotic integrity, and assessment of fish habitat use on lower San Antonio River at three different flows.
26 Garrett, 1991 X       X     X             Guidelines for management of Guadalupe bass.
27 Gonzales, 1988 X               X X X       Assessment of biotic integrity of upper San Antonio River using fish-community composition and structure.
28 C.A. Hartmann, USGS, written commun., 1995   X X           X X X       Biological collections from USGS 1992–95 study of upper San Antonio River and Olmos and Salado Creeks.
29 Hershler and Longley, 1986a   X   X     X     X         Description of Hadoceras taylori, a phreatic snail from three localities in Real County.
30 Hershler and Longley, 1986b X X   X     X X   X         Systematic analysis of phreatic snails (hydrobiids) from 23 localities in south-central Texas.
31 Hershler and Longley, 1987   X   X     X     X         Description of new species of cavesnail, Phreatodrobia coronae, from spring orifices in southwestern Texas.
32 Hobbs and Hobbs, 1995   X                         Description of new crayfish for Nueces River Basin.
33 Howells, 1997   X       X   X             Documentation of 7,200 unionids collected from 232 locations statewide.
34 Hubbs and others, 1953 X         X       X         Fish survey of upper Guadalupe River.
35 Jasper and Vogtsberger, 1996   X       X                 Descriptions and habitat notes of some aquatic beetles.
36 Kane, 1995     X                 X     Textile-mill effluent and low-water dam effects on benthic macroinvertebrate communities in Guadalupe River.
37 Kelsey, 1997 X         X         X X     Index of biotic integrity used to assess water quality and impacts from point and nonpoint sources of pollution in San Marcos River.
38 Kent, 1971   X               X         Measurement of effects of Canyon Reservoir on benthic macroinvertebrate communities of Guadalupe River.
39 Lemke, 1989     X   X     X             List of aquatic vascular plants in San Marcos River upstream of Blanco River confluence.
40 Lewis and Bowman, 1996   X   X           X         Classification and collection sites of known subterranean asellids of Texas.
41 Lindholm, 1979   X                 X       Gastropod survey of upper San Marcos River.
42 Longley, 1992 X X   X   X X X   X         Aquatic fauna assemblage in Edwards aquifer. Examines threats of ground-water pumping on aquifer organisms.
43 Longley and others, 1996 X X             X   X X     Bathymetric, hydrological, habitat, and biological assessment of potential dam sites on Guadalupe River.
44 Neck, 1984   X X   X           X       Documentation of invasion of exotic giant ramshorn snail (Marisa cornuarietis) in San Marcos River.
45 Nelson, 1993 X         X X X             Population size, distribution, and life history of San Marcos salamander (Eurycea nana), San Marcos River.
46 Obenoskey, 1997   X X   X X   X     X       Effect of crayfish, Procambarus clarkii, on macrophytes and snails in Landa Lake.
47 Owen, 1996   X                         Examination of effectiveness of River Continuum Concept as a model for Edwards Plateau streams.
48 Power, 1996     X   X     X             Potential threat of floating and submerged drifting aquatic vegetation to Texas wild rice (Zizania texana).
49 Power and Fonteyn, 1995     X         X             Determination of substrate preference by endangered Texas wild rice (Zizania texana) in Spring Lake.
50 Rathburn, 1976   X             X   X       Collection of physical, chemical, and biological data for Leon Creek.
51 Respess, 1986   X             X X         Collection of physical, chemical, and biological data for Blanco River.
52 Richardson and Gold, 1995 X                       X   Examination of samples of plateau shiners (Cyprinella lepida) collected in Nueces River Basin for restriction site variation of mitochondrial DNA.
53 San Antonio River Authority, 1996 X X       X     X X X X     Evaluation of biological communities as an indicator parameter for water quality in San Antonio River watershed.
54 Schenck, 1975 X             X     X       Ecology of endangered fountain darter in upper San Marcos River.
55 Schenck and Whiteside, 1976 X             X     X       Distribution, habitat preference, and population size estimate of fountain darter (Etheostoma fonticola) in San Marcos River.
56 Schenck and Whiteside, 1977a X             X     X       Food habits and feeding behavior of endangered fountain darter (Etheostoma fonticola) in San Marcos River.
57 Short, 1982 X X               X         Diel changes in water temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, invertebrate drift, invertebrate food habits, and fish food habits in Guadalupe River.
58 Short and Smith, 1989   X               X         Seasonal comparison of processing of hackberry leaves indicating temperature as primary factor influencing processing rate in Honey Creek.
59 Solanik, 1996   X               X X       Effect of season and intermittency on patterns of longitudinal variation in macroinvertebrate taxonomic and functional feeding group composition of Cibolo Creek.
60 Stanley, 1986   X               X   X     Distribution, life histories, and production of mayflies in Guadalupe River Basin.
61 Stanley and Short, 1988   X               X         Determination of efficacy of thermal equilibrium hypothesis with warmwater insects in Blanco River and Honey Creek (Guadalupe River Basin).
62 Staton, 1992     X   X                   Determination of recent negative impacts in aquatic macrophyte community in San Marcos River and projection of effect on aquatic flora.
63 Stock and Longley, 1981   X   X     X     X         Distribution of only known North American thermosbaenacean, Monodella texana Maguire.
64 Strenth, 1976   X   X     X     X         Troglobitic shrimp from Ezell's Cave in San Marcos.
65 Strenth and Longley, 1990     X   X     X     X       Determination of absence of seasonal period of reproduction in subterranean shrimp, Palaemonetes antrorum, from Central Texas.
66 Taylor, 1995/Taylor and Ferreira, 1995 X X     X     X   X         Biological survey of benthic macroinvertebrates, periphyton, and phytoplankton, community characteristics, and associated water quality for lower Olmos Creek and upper San Antonio River.
67 Terre and Magnelia, 1996 X       X         X X       Sport fish stocking histories and sampling results in Guadalupe River.
68 Terre and Magnelia, 1997 X                 X         Physical and historical data, habitat survey, stocking history, location of sites, water levels, species information, and fisheries management plan for Canyon Reservoir.
69 Texas System of Natural Laboratories, Inc., 1994 X                           Taxonomic and distributional inventory of freshwater and marine fishes of Texas with bibliography.
70 Tiemann, 1992   X               X X       Caddisfly diversity and life histories in streams on Edwards Plateau.
71 Tomme, 1974   X             X   X       Collection of physical, chemical, and biological data for Cibolo Creek.
72 Trebatoski, 1991 X         X             X   Investigation of potential impact of municipal-wastewater discharge into Guadalupe River.
73 Twidwell, 1975   X             X     X X   Collection of physical, chemical, and biological data for San Antonio River.
74 Twidwell, 1976   X             X   X       Collection of physical, chemical, and biological data for Medina River.
75 Twidwell, 1984 X X             X     X X   Two surveys, 1983--collection of physical, chemical, and biological data (fish and benthic macroinvertebrates) for San Antonio River.
76 Twidwell, 1987   X             X X         Hydrology, field measurements, water chemistry, and benthic macroinvertebrates for Guadalupe River.
77 Twidwell and Davis, 1987   X             X   X X X   Four seasonal surveys of San Antonio River.
78 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 1995 X X X X   X X X   X         Development of recovery plan for aquatic endangered species in San Marcos and Comal Springs.

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