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Open-File Report 01–0344
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Configuration of the Seattle Urban Seismic Array for the February 28, 2001, M6.8, Nisqually Earthquake and its Aftershocks

By David Carver, A.D. Frankel, W.T. Bice, B. Norris, and N. Dickman

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This is a description of the configuration of the Seattle Urban Seismic Array at the time of the Nisqually earthquake and its aftershocks (from April 28 through March 3, 2001). The array is operated by the Geologic Hazards Team of the U. S Geological Survey. It has been recording small local earthquakes since its initial installation immediately after the Duvall earthquake in May of 1996. Since then, we have been able to convert the array to all Kinemetrics K2s after retiring the aging DR-200s in June of 1998. The array stations have been moved around to suit our research interests. We had 26 instruments in urban Seattle at the time of the Nisqually earthquake.

The primary research goal of the array is to record earthquake ground motion at sites scattered around the city that represent the major types of surficial geologic materials found in the city. With this information we plan to draw seismic hazard maps that will show the expected variability of ground shaking throughout the city.

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Posted October 2001

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