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Open-File Report 02-099

An Interpretation of the 1996 Aeromagnetic Data for the Santa Cruz basin, Tumacacori Mountains, Santa Rita Mountains, and Patagonia Mountains, South-Central Arizona


Mark E. Gettings


Table of Contents

Abstract and Introduction

Magnetic property data

Geologic Setting

Comparison of aeromagnetic map data with geologic data

Relations between mapped rock units and magnetic anomalies

Trends in the magnetic survey data and their relation to geologic features

Inferences from textural measures of the aeromagnetic data

Textural measures of potential field data

Moving window processing

Results for one line of an aeromagnetic survey

Number of peaks and troughs per kilometer

Euclidean length per kilometer

Ranked Euclidean length and number of peaks and troughs


References Cited

Appendix 1. PDF and PostScript files of 1:48,000 scale aeromagnetic maps and 1:175,000 scale color plates

Appendix 2. FORTRAN source code of program used to calculate the textural measures

PDF version of this 44-page report (512 KB)

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