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Geochemical Sediment Analysis Procedures, Open-File Report 02-371


Materials Required:
  • Full Gas Tank
  • Wrench
  • Leak Detection Compound
Changing the gas tank

Turn off the gas tank (clockwise) using the main silver valve and let the gas lines all bleed out until both pounds per square inch (psi) readings are zero.

Turn tank ON/OFF with main silver valve; link to larger image

Use wrench to loosen nut and remove the regulator - be careful not to bend the copper connection wire too much.

Roll away the spent tank and roll in the full tank - replace cap and order new tank as needed.

Replace the regulator on the new tank and tighten nut with wrench.

Use wrench to loosen regulator; link to larger image

Check for leaks around the regulator connection using Leak Detection Compound - if you see bubbles there is a leak and the regulator should be tightened.

Turn the gas on (counter clockwise) using the main silver valve.

Checking for leaks

Clean out the gas lines using the following procedure:

Close the blue regulator valve (shown in this photo).
Open the main silver valve (air will fill up in the regulator).
Close the main silver valve (no more air can come from the tank).
Open the blue regulator valve.
Let the line bleed until the psi is zero.

Repeat this process five times - for CHN, you should set Helium purge for 300 seconds and repeat during purge.

Close blue valve on left fo regulator; link to larger image


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