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 Gravity Surveys in Wisconsin

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Image showing gravity surveys in Wisconsin


Table of Wisconsin Gravity Surveys 

Survey Code
Number of Stations
Year Collected Data Source - References
A 4462 various Ervin and Thompson, 1991a
B 6733 various Ervin and Thompson, 1991b
C 6636 various Ervin, 1991; additional survey being processed
D 4750 various Ervin, 1993
E 5885 various Ervin, 1996;  additional survey being processed
F 2326 1999 Geister, D., Northern Illinois Univ., and USGS, unpublished
G 3147 2000 Geister, D., Northern Illinois Univ., and USGS, unpublished
H 1330 1980 Aiken and others, 1993;  additional survey being processed
J 521 various Dater and others, 1999;  additional survey being processed
K 433 1983 Brukardt, S., 1983, unpublished master's thesis: written communication from William Kean, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 2001
L 1189 2000 Snyder, S.L. and Daniels, D.L., USGS, unpublished
N 117 1996 Snyder, S.L., USGS, unpublished
Total 37529    


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