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Open-File Report 03-203

Preliminary Publications Book 2 from Project on Mineral Resources, Metallogenesis, and Tectonics of Northeast Asia

By Sodov Ariunbileg, Gombosuren Badarch, Valentina Belichenko, Nikolai A. Berzin, Gennandiy V. Birul'kin, Alexander N. Bulgatov, Jamba Byamba, Alexey V. Deikunenko, Gunchin Dejidmaa, Yuriy V. V. Davydov, Elimir G. Distanov, Yongsheng Dong, Dangindorjiin Dorjgotov, Sergey I. Dril, Valeriy Yu. Fridovskiy, Ivan V. Gordienko, Gennandiy N. Gamyanin, Ochir Gerel, Ayurzana Gotovsuren, Duk Hwan Hwang, Alexander I. Khanchuk, Boris I. Kim, Anatoliy P. Kochnev, Eugeney A. Korago, Mikhail K. Kos'ko, Alexei V. Kostin, Mikhail I. Kuzmin, Sergey A. Letunov, Jiliang Li, Xujun Li, Galina D. Malceva, V.D. Melnikov, Valeriy M. Nikitin, Warren J. Nokleberg, Alexander A. Obolenskiy, Masatsugu Ogasawara, Demberel Orolmaa, Vladimir S. Oxman, Leonid M. Parfenov, Ludmila I. Popeko, Nikolay V. Popov, Andrei V. Prokopiev, Vladimir V. Ratkin, Sergey M. Rodionov, Sergey N. Rudnev, Zhan V. Seminskiy, Vladimir I. Shpikerman, Eugeney V. Sklyarov, Vitaly I. Sotnikov, Alexander P. Smelov, Alexander V. Spiridonov, Vitaly A. Stepanov, Valeriy V. Stogniy, Sadahisa Sudo, Fengyue Sun, Jiapeng Sun, Weizhi Sun, Valeriy M. Supletsov, Oleg I. Suprunenko, Vladimir F. Timofeev, Onongin Tomurtogoo, Felix F. Tret'yakov, Oleg A. Tyan, Valery A. Vernikovsky, Valeriy G. Vetluzhskikh, Alexander G. Vladimirov, Koji Wakita, Aihua Xi, Yakov V. Yakovlev, Hongquan Yan, Mao Ye, Alexander N. Zedgenizov, Vladimir I. Zhizhin, Nikolay N. Zinchuk, and Lydia M. Zorina.

Scientific Editors: Warren J. Nokleberg1, Robert J. Miller1, Vera V. Naumova2, Alexander I. Khanchuk2, Leonid M. Parfenov3, Mikhail I. Kuzmin4, Tatiana M. Bounaeva4, Alexander A. Obolenskiy5, Sergey M. Rodionov6, Zhan V. Seminskiy7, and Michael F. Diggles1.

U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 03-203
version 1.0


Prepared in Collaboration with Russian Academy of Sciences, Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Jilin University (Changchun Branch), Korean Institute of Geology, Mining, and Materials, and Geological Survey of Japan/AIST.

U.S. Department of the Interior
Gale A. Norton

U.S. Geological Survey
Charles G. Groat, Director

This report is preliminary and has not been reviewed for conformity with U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) editorial standards or with the North American Stratigraphic Code. Any use of trade, firm, or product names is for descriptive purposes only and does not imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.

1 U.S. Geological Survey, 345 Middlefield Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025
2 Far East Geological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladivostok, Russia
3 Yakutian Academy of Sciences, Yakutsk, Russia
4 Institute of Geochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Irkutsk, Russia
5 United Institute of Geology, Geophysics, and Mineralogy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Russia
6 Russian Academy of Sciences, Khabarovsk
7 Irkutsk State Technical University, Irkutsk


This is the Web version of a CD-ROM publication. This report consists of summary major compilations and syntheses accomplished in the six-year project through April 2003 for the study on the Mineral Resources, Metallogenesis, and Tectonics of Northeast Asia (Eastern and Southern Siberia, Mongolia, Northeastern China, South Korea, and Japan). The major scientific goals and benefits of the project are to: (1) provide a comprehensive international data base on the mineral resources of the region that is the first, extensive knowledge available in English; (2) provide major new interpretations of the origin and crustal evolution of mineralizing systems and their host rocks, thereby enabling enhanced, broad-scale tectonic reconstructions and interpretations; and (3) promote trade and scientific and technical exchanges between the North America and Northeast Asia. Data from the project are providing sound scientific data and interpretations for commercial firms, governmental agencies, universities, and individuals that are developing new ventures and studies in the project area, and for land-use planning studies that deal with both mineral potential issues. Northeast Asia has vast potential for known and undiscovered mineral deposits; however, little information existed in English in the West until publication of products from this project. Consequently, data and interpretations from the project are providing basic knowledge for major scientific, commercial, national, and international endeavors by other interested individuals and groups.

Index map

Index map showing location of study area

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View text for Preliminary Publications Book 2 from Project on Mineral Resources, Metallogenesis, and Tectonics of Northeast Asia (OF03-203.pdf; 240 KB with links to 30 MB of data).


Download the NE Asia Geodynamics Map (5 M scale), introduction, and explanation.

Download the NE Asia Geographic Base Map (5 M scale) and text. The map is also provided in Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw 7.

Download the NE Asia Lode Mineral Deposit and Placer District Map (7.5 M scale), and a series of 12 NE Asia Metallogenic Belt Maps (15 M scale) on three sheets (2, 3, 4), an introduction, and a summary metallogenic belt table.

Download summary tables of NE Asia lode mineral deposits and placer districts, and an introductory manuscript article.

Download descriptions of mineral deposit models with references for NE Asia.

Download NE Asia project materials, including the project emblem, and pamphlets for NE Asia and previous projects.

Readme file

View the readme file from the CD-ROM version of this report.

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