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U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 03-221
A Pictorial Survey of the Bedrock Beneath Western Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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SAMPLE_ID:  03MW2621

DATE: 6/21/2000

Sample: 03MW2621 - Granite


A fine grained granite, sample 03MW2621 is comprised of quartz (30%), K-feldspar (30%), plagioclase (28%), biotite (5%), epidote (2%), chlorite (2%), sphene (1%), oxides (1%), and muscovite (1%). Fine grained quartz is present throughout the sample. Some porphyries of K-feldspar are present, showing minor plagioclase and quartz inclusions. Plagioclase occurs in finer, severely altered grains. Rounded quartz aggregates may be relict feldspar phenocrysts. Very dark, pleochroic biotite occurs in up to 2-mm bundles and is replaced by chlorite in some places. A weak foliation is defined only by micas. 

Latitude: 41.62661

Longitude: -70.53019

Elevation of well site (m): 23.11

Elevation of the upper
bedrock surface (m):

Elevation of the
top of casing (m):

Total thickness of strata
penetrated by the well (m):
 90.53 skip navbar

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