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U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 03-221
A Pictorial Survey of the Bedrock Beneath Western Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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SAMPLE_ID:  81MW0002

DATE: 9/16/2002

Sample: 81MW0002 - Granitoid


Sample 81MW0002 is a fine-grained amphibolite composed of hornblende, plagioclase, biotite, oxides, and other minerals (estimate is based solely on hand sample). This sample is unfoliated, and shows veins of calcite.

Latitude: 41.647178

Longitude: -70.561886

Elevation of well site (m): 33.58

Elevation of the upper
bedrock surface (m):

Elevation of the
top of casing (m):

Total thickness of strata
penetrated by the well (m):

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