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U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 03-221
A Pictorial Survey of the Bedrock Beneath Western Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Map showing location of the extent of the study area and boreholes drilled as part of earlier studies.

Map showing location of the study area and boreholes drilled to bedrock as part of earlier studies (Koteff and Cotton, 1962; Maevsky and Drake, 1963; unpublished. Well data, American Drilling and Boring Company, Inc., East Providence, RI, 1965; Folger and others, 1978; Leo and others, 1993). The Martha's Vineyard test well (which did not reach bedrock) is shown as a solid square (Hall and others, 1980). Figure also shows limit of bedrock outcrops and approximate location of Nauset Anomaly after Leo and others (1993).

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