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A Bibliography of Selected References to U.S. Marine Sand and Gravel Mineral Resources, U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 03-300

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This Open-File Report, along with the complete bibliography, is available in PDF format, is 67 pages long and has a file size of approximately 786 KB. In order to view it, you must download Adobe's free Acrobat Reader.

The bibliography has also been provided as an Endnote 6.0 library file (ENL) and in formats suitable for importing into other bibliographic or spreadsheet software below.

Abstracts and/or descriptions have been provided for approximately 35% of the references. To assist in searching, keywords have been provided for all of the references. For some of the more obscure references, information on who to contact for the original is reference is provided in the Notes field. Users can access this information through the ENL file. Users without Endnote can open the Endnote (OFR03_300_E.txt) or ProCite (OFR03_300_P.txt) formats in any text or word processing software to access the abstracts and keywords.

Open-File Report and bibliography:
OFR03_300.pdf (USGS Suggestions to Authors, 7th ed style, 786 KB, 67 p.)

Endnote 6.0 library:
OFR03_300.enl (1.5 MB)

Endnote (or Refer) format:
OFR03_300_E.txt (842 KB)

ProCite format:
OFR03_300_P.txt (912 KB)

Other bibliographic databases or spreadsheets:
OFR03_300_tab.txt (Tab Delimited Text, 284 KB)

To view PDF files, download free Adobe Reader.

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