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Mapping the floor of Lake Mead (Nevada and Arizona): Preliminary discussion and GIS data release, USGS Open-File Report 03-320

Table 1.

system/parameter 1999 survey 2000 survey 2001 survey
navigation P-Code GPS P-Code GPS P-Code GPS
navigation storage software USGS software Coastal Oceanographics Hypack Coastal Oceanographics Hypack
sidescan-sonar towfish Benthos
Swath widths 1500m, 750m 200m 1500m, 800m
Chirp seismic system Benthos
Knudsen Benthos
Chirp fire rate or range one second
half second
50m, 100m, 200m one second
0.53 second
Boomer seismic system none acquired none acquired Benthos streamer, Geopulse sound source
Boomer fire rate NA NA Half second
Boomer logging system NA NA Delph-Elics
km survey lines 366 77 955
Sidescan logging system ISIS Triton-Elics ISIS Triton-Elics ISIS Triton-Elics
Chirp logging system ISIS Triton-Elics Knudsen software ISIS Triton-Elics
Survey vessel 19-m houseboat 8-m pontoon boat 19-m houseboat
Fathometer Odom fathometer Garmin fathometer Odom fathometer
Primary survey area (see Fig. 1) Boulder Basin Las Vegas Bay; Las Vegas Wash, Government Wash, Gypsum Wash Remainder of Lake Mead east of Boulder Basin

A more complete description of these systems as used by the USGS can be found on the USGS Seafloor Mapping website.

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