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The following pages contain thumbnail images of all boomer seismic reflection profiles collected during USGS Cruises 00SCC02 and 00SCC04. To view a profile, click on the desired thumbnail, and a full-size image will appear. The profiles, which are stored as GIF images by trackline number, can also be found within the PROFILES folder located at the top level of this disc. The profiles presented here were produced using Seismic Unix software. Examples of the processing software are provided in the SU subfolder of the SOFTWARE folder located at the top level of this disc.

NOTE: To conform to ISO 9660 naming standards, all tracklines have been renamed. The "bss" prefix of the original trackline names was shortened to a single "b." For example, trackline "bss00_01a" was renamed "B00_01a."

NOTE: During data acquisition, a 6 ms trigger delay of unknown origin was observed in the profiles. This delay resulted in an extra 6 ms being added to the top of each profile. To rectify this problem in the field, a 6 ms recording delay was introduced on some of the tracklines. Lines B00_20 - B00_36 and B00_38a - B00_50 were recorded with this delay. For consistency, the processed profile images of all other tracklines have been shifted up 6 ms. However, the SEG-Y files have not been altered. Any further processing of 00SCC02 lines B00_01 - B00_19 and B00_37 - B00_38 and all 00SCC04 lines (B00_51 - B00_124) should remove the upper 6 ms of the record.


Note: The web version of this archive does not contain the SEG-Y Trace files. These files are very large and would require extremely long download times. To obtain the complete DVD archive, contact USGS Information at (888) ASK-USGS.

The seismic data files are binary encoded and cannot be viewed directly. The best way to download the data files is to open the SEGY folder located at the top level of each disc, open the appropriate cruise ID subfolder, select the SEG-Y files you wish to download, and drag and drop these files onto your hard drive or use the copy command.

WARNING: These files can be very large. They range in size from 533 KB to 83.6 MB.

Click on the links below for a detailed description of the SEG-Y data format and formal FGDC metadata for the seismic reflection data and trackline navigation maps.

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