Substantial Flood Peaks in Texas

Peak streamflow and gage height for each station can be viewed by clicking on a red dot on the map or station name in the text links below the map. The elevation for each annual peak can be obtained by adding the peak gage height to the elevation for the gage datum above sea level.

Up-to-date files of annual-peak data also can be obtained on the internet at

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Streamflow-gaging stations in Map Section 1

Canadian River Basin
USGS Station 07227448 Punta De Agua Creek near Channing
USGS Station 07227460 E Cheyene Creek Tributary near Channing
USGS Station 07227470 Canadian River at Tascosa
USGS Station 07227480 Tecovas Creek Tributary near Bushland
USGS Station 07227500 Canadian River near Amarillo
USGS Station 07227920 Dixon Creek near Borger
USGS Station 07228000 Canadian River near Canadian
USGS Station 07233500 Palo Duro Creek near Spearman
USGS Station 07234150 White Woman Creek Tributary near Darrouzett
USGS Station 07235000 Wolf Creek at Lipscomb

Red River Basin
USGS Station 07295500 Tierra Blanca Creek above Buffalo Lake near Umbarger
USGS Station 07296100 Tierra Blanca Creek below Buffalo Lake near Umbarger
USGS Station 07297500 Prairie Dog Town Fork Red River near Canyon
USGS Station 07297910 Prairie Dog Town Fork Red River near Wayside
USGS Station 07297920 Middle Tule Draw near Tulia
USGS Station 07298000 N Tule Draw at Reservoir near Tulia


Red River Basin (continued)
USGS Station 07298150 Rock Creek Tributary near Silverton
USGS Station 07298200 Tule Creek near Silverton
USGS Station 07298500 Prairie Dog Town Fork Red River near Brice
USGS Station 07299000 Mulberry Creek near Brice
USGS Station 07299200 Prairie Dog Twn Fork Red River near Lakeview
USGS Station 07299300 Little Red River near Turkey
USGS Station 07299500 Prairie Dog Town Fork Red River near Estelline
USGS Station 07299530 Salt Creek near Estelline
USGS Station 07299540 Prairie Dog Twn Fork Red River near Childress
USGS Station 07299575 N Groesbeck Creek Tributary near Kirkland
USGS Station 07299850 Salt Fork Red River near Clarendon
USGS Station 07299890 Lelia Lake Creek below Bell Creek near Hedley
USGS Station 07299940 Oklahoma Draw Tributary near Hedley
USGS Station 07300000 Salt Fork Red River near Wellington
USGS Station 07301200 McClellan Creek near McLean
USGS Station 07301300 N Fork Red River near Shamrock
USGS Station 07301405 Doodlebug Creek near Wheeler
USGS Station 07301410 Sweetwater Creek near Kelton