Substantial Flood Peaks in Texas

Peak streamflow and gage height for each station can be viewed by clicking on a red dot on the map or station name in the text links below the map. The elevation for each annual peak can be obtained by adding the peak gage height to the elevation for the gage datum above sea level.

Up-to-date files of annual-peak data also can be obtained on the internet at

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Streamflow-gaging stations in Map Section 10

Colorado River Basin
USGS Station 08127100 Dry Creek near Christoval
USGS Station 08128000 S Concho River at Christoval
USGS Station 08144500 San Saba River at Menard
USGS Station 08144800 Brady Creek near Eden
USGS Station 08148500 N Llano River near Junction
USGS Station 08150000 Llano River near Junction

Nueces River Basin
USGS Station 08190000 Nueces River at Laguna
USGS Station 08190500 W Nueces River near Brackettville
USGS Station 08192000 Nueces River below Uvalde
USGS Station 08195000 Frio River at Concan
USGS Station 08196000 Dry Frio River near Reagan Wells
USGS Station 08197500 Frio River below Dry Frio River near Uvalde
USGS Station 08203500 Leona Creek Tributary near Uvalde


Rio Grande Basin
USGS Station 08376300 Sanderson Creek at Sanderson
USGS Station 08377500 Rio Grande at Langtry
USGS Station 08377600 Rio Grande Tributary near Langtry
USGS Station 08435800 Coyanosa Draw near Fort Stockton
USGS Station 08436800 Courtney Creek Tributary near Fort Stockton
USGS Station 08437550 Lake Leon Tributary near Fort Stockton
USGS Station 08444400 Three Mile Mesa Creek near Fort Stockton
USGS Station 08446500 Pecos River near Girvin
USGS Station 08447000 Pecos River near Sheffield
USGS Station 08447020 Independence Creek near Sheffield
USGS Station 08447200 Howards Creek Tributary near Ozona
USGS Station 08447400 Pecos River near Shumla
USGS Station 08448800 Sonora Field Creek at Sonora
USGS Station 08449000 Devils River near Juno
USGS Station 08449470 Rough Canyon Tributary near Del Rio
USGS Station 08449500 Devils River near Del Rio
USGS Station 08449600 Evans Creek Tributary near Del Rio
USGS Station 08450500 Devils River near mouth, Del Rio
USGS Station 08452500 Rio Grande near Del Rio
USGS Station 08453000 San Felipe Creek near Del Rio
USGS Station 08453100 Zorro Creek near Del Rio
USGS Station 08454900 E Perdido Creek near Brackettville
USGS Station 08455000 Pinto Creek near Del Rio