Substantial Flood Peaks in Texas

Peak streamflow and gage height for each station can be viewed by clicking on a red dot on the map or station name in the text links below the map. The elevation for each annual peak can be obtained by adding the peak gage height to the elevation for the gage datum above sea level.

Up-to-date files of annual-peak data also can be obtained on the internet at

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Streamflow-gaging stations in Map Section 13

Lavaca River Basin
USGS Station 08164370 Navidad River at Morales

Lavaca-Guadalupe Coastal Basin
USGS Station 08164600 Garcitas Creek near Inez
USGS Station 08164800 Placedo Creek near Placedo

Guadalupe River Basin
USGS Station 08175800 Guadalupe River at Cuero
USGS Station 08176000 Guadalupe River below Cuero
USGS Station 08176200 Irish Creek near Cuero
USGS Station 08176500 Guadalupe River at Victoria
USGS Station 08176550 Fifteenmile Creek near Weser
USGS Station 08176600 Threemile Creek near Cuero
USGS Station 08176900 Coleto Creek at Arnold Rd near Schroeder
USGS Station 08176990 Coleto Creek Reservoir Inflow (Guad Div) near Schroeder
USGS Station 08177300 Perdido Creek at FM 622 near Fannin
USGS Station 08177500 Coleto Creek near Victoria
USGS Station 08177520 Guadalupe River near Bloomington

USGS Station 08188800 Guadalupe River near Tivoli

San Antonio River Basin
USGS Station 08183500 San Antonio River near Falls City
USGS Station 08186000 Cibolo Creek near Falls City
USGS Station 08186500 Ecleto Creek near Runge
USGS Station 08187000 Escondido Creek SWS No. 1 near Kenedy
USGS Station 08187500 Escondido Creek at Kenedy
USGS Station 08187900 Escondido Creek SWS No. 11 near Kenedy
USGS Station 08188400 Baugh Creek at Goliad
USGS Station 08188500 San Antonio River at Goliad

San Antonio-Nueces Coastal Basin
USGS Station 08189200 Copano Creek near Refugio
USGS Station 08189300 Medio Creek near Beeville
USGS Station 08189500 Mission River at Refugio
USGS Station 08189600 Olmos Creek Tributary near Skidmore
USGS Station 08189700 Aransas River near Skidmore
USGS Station 08189800 Chiltipin Creek at Sinton

Nueces River Basin
USGS Station 08192000 Nueces River below Uvalde
USGS Station 08192500 Nueces River near Cinonia
USGS Station 08193000 Nueces River near Asherton
USGS Station 08194000 Nueces River at Cotulla
USGS Station 08194200 San Casimiro Creek near Freer
USGS Station 08194500 Nueces River near Tilden
USGS Station 08194550 Plant Creek near Tilden
USGS Station 08194600 Nueces River at Simmons
USGS Station 08204500 Leona River near Divot
USGS Station 08205500 Frio River near Derby
USGS Station 08206600 Frio River at Tilden
USGS Station 08206700 San Miguel Creek near Tilden
USGS Station 08206910 Choke Canyon Reservoir OWC near Three Rivers
USGS Station 08207000 Frio River at Calliham
USGS Station 08207200 Rutledge Hollow Creek at Poteet
USGS Station 08208000 Atascosa River at Whitsett
USGS Station 08210000 Nueces River near Three Rivers
USGS Station 08210300 Ramirena Creek near George West
USGS Station 08211000 Nueces River near Mathis
USGS Station 08211200 Nueces River at Bluntzer
USGS Station 08211500 Nueces River at Calallen

Nueces-Rio Grande Coastal Basin
USGS Station 08211520 Oso Creek at Corpus Christi
USGS Station 08211550 Pintas Creek Tributary near Banquete
USGS Station 08211800 San Diego Creek at Alice
USGS Station 08211900 San Fernando Creek at Alice
USGS Station 08212000 San Fernando Creek near Alice
USGS Station 08212320 N Los Animas Creek Tributary near Freer

Rio Grande Basin
USGS Station 08458700 Rio Grande at San Antonio Crossing
USGS Station 08459200 Rio Grande at Pipeline Crossing below Laredo