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Lake Mohave Geophysical Survey 2002: GIS Data Release
OF 2004-1247


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Directory Structure:

Top level directory:

index.htm - This file is intended to be the starting point for the CD-ROM access.

readme.txt - ASCII text file containing a description of this CD-ROM. This file may be viewed or printed with any system program capable of opening ASCII text files.

mohave.apr - ArcView project file created with ArcView 3.2a on a Windows2000 computer. This project file is intended for use with the CD-ROM and is dependent on the data files and the directory structure present on the disc.


Directory data: What follows is a brief description of the data contained in the underlying directories. For a more complete description of the data, refer to the Data/GIS section of this report, or the metadata associated with each data file. This directory contains the following subdirectories:

  • basemap - contains polyline shapefile of the shoreline from Lake Mohave, as well as the polygon shapefile of the states boundaries in the area and a georgetteed color-shaded relief TIFF image of the study area.

  • interpretation - ESRI shapefiles of interpreted layers of the reservoir floor.

  • nav - contains navigation data, both as an ASCII text file and as ESRI shapefiles, pertaining to sidescan and seismic data collection in Lake Mohave.

  • seisimages - contains JPEG images of all the seismic-reflection profiles collected as part of this study.

  • sidescan - contains sidescan-sonar mosaics of the reservoir floor. The subdirectories indicate the projection of the imagery, either geographic or UTM (Zone 11, NAD83). These images are available in TIFF and MrSid image formats.

Directory htmldocs: contains the HTML pages accessed within this Open-File Report. This directory contains the subdirectory icons which contains all the image files and icons utilized in constructing the Open-File Report HTML pages.

Directory metadata: contains the HTML and ASCII text versions of the metadata files for all the data contained in this Open-File Report. This metadata is organized into the following subdirectories: basemap, interpretation, nav, seisimages, and sidescan.

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