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Open-File Report 2004-1414
Version 1.0

Mineral production and mining trends for selected non-fuel commodities in Idaho and Montana, 1905-2001

By Jeremy C. Larsen, Keith R. Long, Kenneth C. Assmus, and Michael L. Zientek


graph of copper
Nineteenth century copper production and associated events

Idaho and Montana state mining statistics were obtained from historical mineral production records and compiled into a continuous record from 1905 through 2001. To facilitate comparisons, the mineral production data were normalized by converting the units of measure to metric tons for all included commodities. These standardized statistical data include production rates for principal non-fuel mineral commodities from both Idaho and Montana, as well as the production rates of similar commodities for the U.S. and the world for contrast. Data are presented here in both tabular and bar chart format. Moreover, the tables of standardized mineral production data are also provided in digital format as, commodity_production.xls.

Some significant historical events pertaining to the mining industry are described as well. When taken into account with the historical production data, this combined information may to help explain both specific fluctuations and general tendencies in the overall trends in the rates of mineral resource production over time.

Download this paper as a 85-page PDF file (of2004-1414.pdf; 2 MB)

Download the data as an Excel workbook file (commodity_production.xls; 272 KB)

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