U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2008-1385

Digital Mapping Techniques '07— Workshop Proceedings


Download a PDF of the entire printed volume. [41 MB]

Introduction [PDF]
By David R. Soller (U.S. Geological Survey)

Oral Presentations

The National Geologic Map Database Project: 2007 Report of Progress [PDF]
By David R. Soller (U.S. Geological Survey)

National Cooperative Soil Survey National Soil Information System [PDF]
By Jim Fortner (USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service)

Importance of Historical Elevation Data [PDF]
By Gayle H. McColloch, Jr. and Jane S. McColloch (West Virginia Geological Survey)

The National Map – Products And Services [PDF]
By William J. Carswell and Stafford Binder (U.S. Geological Survey)

When Maps Were Scribed: USGS Geologic Map Production in the 1970’s [PDF]
By Will R. Stettner and Paul Mathieux (U.S. Geological Survey)

Open Access Journal Publication: Implementation, Copyright and Dissemination, Using The Journal of Maps as a Case Study [PDF]
By Mike J. Smith (Kingston University)

The National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program and Insight Into the Future of Geologic Map Production [PDF]
By Randall C. Orndorff, Peter T. Lyttle, Laurel M. Bybell, and Lydia Quintana U.S. Geological Survey)

Geologic Field Mapping Using a Rugged Tablet Computer [PDF]
By Kent D. Brown and Douglas A. Sprinkel (Utah Geological Survey)

Proposal for an ArcGeology Version 1—A Geodatabase Design for Digital Geologic Maps using ArcGIS ® [PDF]
By Jordan T. Hastings, Gary L. Raines, Lorre A. Moyer (U.S. Geological Survey)

Exchanging Observations and Measurements: a Generic Model and Encoding [PDF]
By Simon J. D. Cox (CSIRO)

Idaho Geologic Map Data in a Statewide Geodatabase [PDF]
By Loudon R. Stanford (Idaho Geological Survey) and Steve Mulberry (ESRI)

Poster Presentations

Alaska Mapper: A Web-based Tool to Access Land Ownership and Other State-wide Geospatial Data [PDF]
By Kenneth R. Papp and Peter Parker (Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys)

Seamless Digital Geological Map of Japan 1:200,000, and its Application [PDF]
By Toshie Igawa, Koji Wakita, and Shinji Takarada (Geological Survey of Japan)

Integrated Geological Map Database and Geological Information Index [PDF]
By Koji Wakita, Shinji Takarada, and Yasuaki Murata (Geological Survey of Japan)

Developing a Web Site to Provide Geologic Data and Map Products for Allen County, Indiana [PDF]
By Robin F. Rupp, Jennifer Olejnik, Nancy R. Hasenmueller, Marni D. Karaffa, A. Chris Walls, Prem Radhakrishnan, and Nathan K. Eaton (Indiana Geological Survey)

Glacial Striae Observations for Ireland Compiled from Historic Records [PDF]
By Mike J. Smith, Jasper Knight, and Kenneth S. Field (Kingston University)

GIS Tools for 3-D Surficial Mapping in Ohio [PDF]
By James McDonald, Richard R. Pavey, Erik R. Venteris, and Joseph G. Wells (Ohio Division of Geological Survey) 109

Mapping Potential Geologic Hazards for Proposed Highway Construction Projects in Pennsylvania: Route 15 in Lycoming County [PDF]
By Stuart O. Reese (Pennsylvania Geological Survey)

Old Mapping and New LiDAR……a Reality Check [PDF]
By Thomas G. Whitfield (Pennsylvania Geological Survey)

DNAG Geologic Map of North America GIS Implementation: Overview and Progress [PDF]
By Christopher P. Garrity and David R. Soller (U.S. Geological Survey)

Compilation and Production of the 1:500,000-scale Geologic Map of Washington State, and Some Aspects of 1:24,000-scale Map Production at the Washington Division of Geology and Earth Resources [PDF]
By J. Eric Schuster, Charles G. Caruthers, Anne C. Heinitz, and Karen D. Meyers (Washington Division of Geology and Earth Resources)

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