Lake Pontchartrain Basin:  Bottom Sediments and Related Environmental Resources

Figure 5.  Map showing areas in "AREA_CODE" field.

Below is a map of the areas used in the AREA_CODE field of the database (appendix D), along with a table showing both the codes and the descriptions. Available here are compressed (.zip) files containing either MapInfo's export files or an ArcView shapefile showing these delineated areas. To obtain free utilities to decompress these files, see Tip 3 in appendix D.

map of the areas used in the AREA_CODE field of the database  (151954 bytes)

BLaBr Bayou LaBranche
BretS Breton Sound
BTrep Bayou Trepagnier
CMent Chef Menteur
EngCa Engineers Canal
ICW Intracoastal Waterway
IHNC Inner Harbor Navigation Canal
LBorg Lake Borgne
LMaur Lake Maurepas
LP-BC Lake Pontchartrain, Bonnet Carré region
LP-CE Lake Pontchartrain, central region east of Causeway
LP-CW Lake Pontchartrain, central region west of Causeway
LP-NO Lake Pontchartrain, New Orleans region
LP-NS Lake Pontchartrain, north shore region
LP-PH Lake Pontchartrain, Pointe aux Herbes region
LP-RG Lake Pontchartrain, Rigolets region
LP-WS Lake Pontchartrain, west shore region
MissB Mississippi Bayou
MRGO Mississippi River Gulf Outlet
Rigol Rigolets


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