Lake Pontchartrain Basin:  Bottom Sediments and Related Environmental Resources

Table 2.  Sediment chemistry table from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

[A sample of data from EPA's Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program ( EMAP) sediment chemistry table is shown here (Macauley and Summers, 1998; and EMAP).  It is one of several tables in a relational database as shown in figure 2.  Note that the parameters (chemical measurements) under ANAL continue "vertically" through the full list before the sequence is repeated for the next station. The use of the DATE field here departs from the "normalized" relational model because it is dependent on STA_NAME, and also it is duplicated in the station data table.]

LA93AC1 931007 ACENTHE 0.4 ng/g CH-B 4.5
LA93AC1 931007 ACENTHY 0.4 ng/g CH-B 3.7
LA93AC1 931007 AG 0.109 ug/g    
LA93AC1 931007 AL 58893 ug/g    
LA93AC1 931007 ALDRIN     CH-A 0.16
LA93AC1 931007 ALPHABHC     CH-A 0.2
LA93AC1 931007 ALPHACHL     CH-A 0.23
LA93AC1 931007 ANTHRA 0.8 ng/g CH-B 4.1
LA93AC1 931007 AS 5.63 ug/g    
LA93AC1 931007 AVS_CON 7.5 umoles/g    
LA93AC1 931007 BENANTH 1.8 ng/g    
LA93AC1 931007 BENAPY 3.9 ng/g    
LA93AC1 931007 BENEPY 4.5 ng/g    
LA93AC1 931007 BENZOBFL 4.1 ng/g    

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