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Subsequent to publication of U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1660, “Factors Related to Well Yield in the Fractured-Bed-rock Aquifer of New Hampshire,” errors were found on page 21.


On page 21, in the continuation of table 2, the first four expressions of the coefficients used in the variables for the regression models should be negative rather than positive. The correct coefficients are –1.28 for the variable RKTYP58, –.15 for the variable RKTYP 66, –1.77 for the variable RKTYP72, and –.30 for the variable RKTYP83.


A corrected section of table 2 for page 21 is below.

We apologize for any inconvenience these errors may have caused.

For page 21


Table 2. Regression equation used by this study—Continued

  Coefficient Variable Explanation of variable name
model mean square error = 1.84

      Geologic units from the Statemap--Cont.
   1.28 RKTYP58 *Gile Montain Formation (Dg)
     .15 RKTYP66 *Undivided Littleton Formation (DI)
   1.77 RKTYP72 *Littleton Formation member with volcanic lentils (Div)
     .30 RKTYP83 *Winnipesaukee Tonalite (DW3A)
+      .66 RKTYP90 *Undivided Frontenac Formation undivided (Sfr)
+      .89 RKTYP91 *Frontenac Formation member (Sfrb)
+      .61 RKTYP92 *Frontenac Formation member (Sfrc)
      Well Characteristics
+      .49 CABLE *Well drilled with a cable tool rig
+      .38 COMERCL *Commercial supply well
+   PUBLIC *Public supply well (note: domestic wells are those not identified as either public or commerical)
    End of equation

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