Nuclear magnetic resonance logging of a deep test well for estimation of aquifer and confining-unit hydraulic properties, Long Island, New York

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A 1,200-foot deep well in southwestern Nassau County, Long Island, N.Y. was selected to evaluate the application of a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) logging tool. Technological advances in NMR borehole systems have allowed for reduced probe length and diameter, and focused measurement at specific diameters beyond the disturbed zone surrounding a well. This 3-inch-diameter NMR tool was specifically developed for use in deep 4-inch-diameter polyvinyl chloride cased wells common to Long Island. Selected intervals of the Magothy and Lloyd aquifers and the Raritan confining unit were logged for the evaluation.

Unlike other petrophysical logs that respond to the rock matrix and fluid properties and are strongly dependent on mineralogy, NMR logs respond to the presence of hydrogen protons in the formation fluid to determine water fraction and pore-size distribution. NMR log analysis provided estimates of the clay-bound, capillary-bound, and mobile water fraction and hydraulic conductivity of aquifers and confining units penetrated by the well. NMR-estimated porosity and mobile water fraction for the Magothy aquifer (0.34 and 0.22 respectively), Magothy/Raritan(?) (0.35 and 0.30), Raritan confining unit (0.30 and 0.13), Raritan clay and silt (0.23 and 0.01), and the Lloyd aquifer (0.27 and 0.19) was determined from the NMR log.

Hydraulic conductivity was estimated from the NMR-log data using the Schlumberger- Doll Research and sum of squared echoes equations with empirically derived constants for unconsolidated aquifers. Average hydraulic conductivity of the Magothy aquifer was 70 ft/d, the Raritan confining unit was 9.0 ft/d overall, the clay-rich lower part 0.24 ft/d, and the Lloyd aquifer was 56 ft/d. The coarse sandy Magothy/Raritan(?) unit between the Magothy aquifer and the top of the Raritan confining unit had the highest hydraulic conductivity of 345 ft/d. The hydraulic-conductivity estimates from the NMR log analysis for the Magothy and Lloyd aquifers were consistent with published values and that estimated for the Lloyd aquifer from a specific-capacity test at the well site.

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Title Nuclear magnetic resonance logging of a deep test well for estimation of aquifer and confining-unit hydraulic properties, Long Island, New York
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