Methods For Determination of Radioactive Substances in Water and Fluvial Sediments

U.S. Geological Survey, Techniques of Water-Resources Investigations, Book 5, Chapter A5

By L.L. Thatcher, V.J. Janzer and K.W. Edwards

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This series of manuals on techniques describes methods used by the Geological Survey for planning and executing water-resources investigations. The material is grouped under major subject headings called books and is further subdivided into sections and chapters. Book 5 is on laboratory analysis. Section A is on water. The unit of publication, the chapter, is limited to a narrow field of subject matter. "Methods for determination of radioactive substances in water and fluvial sediments" is the fifth chapter to be published under Section A of Book 5. The chapter number includes the letter of the section. The looseleaf format of this methods manual is designed to permit flexibility in revision and publication. Supplements, to be prepared as the need arises, will be issued to purchasers at no charge as they become available.

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