Methods For Determination of Radioactive Substances in Water and Fluvial Sediments

U.S. Geological Survey, Techniques of Water-Resources Investigations, Book 5, Chapter A5

By L.L. Thatcher, V.J. Janzer and K.W. Edwards

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Section 1 -- 1.79 MB




Collection and treatment of samples

Calculations of radionuclide concentrations


Selected references



Section 2 -- 1.82 MB

Carbon-14, dissolved, apparent age. Liquid scintillation method, Denver lab (R-llOO-76)

Cesium-137 and cesium-134, dissolved. Inorganic ion-exchange method-gamma counting (R-1110-76)

Radiocesium, dissolved, as ceaium-137. Inorganic ion-exchange method-beta counting (R-1111-76)

Gross alpha and beta radioactivity, dissolved and suspended. Residue method (R-1120-76)

Lead-210, dissolved. Chemical separation and precipitation method (R-1130-76)

Radium, dissolved, as radium-226. Precipitation method (R-1140-76)


Section 3 -- 1.94 MB

Radium-226, dissolved. Radon emanation method (R-1141-76)

Radium-228, dissolved. Determination by separation and counting of actinium-228 (R-1142-76)

Radioruthenium, dissolved, as ruthenium-106. Distillation method (R-1160-76)

Strontium-90, dissolved. Chemical separation and precipitation method (R-1160-76)

Tritium. Liquid scintillation method, Denver lab (R-1171-76)


Section 4 -- 2.21 MB

Tritium. Liquid scintillation method, Reston lab (R-1173-76)

Tritium. Electrolytic enrichment-liquid scintillation method, Denver lab (R-1172-76)

Tritium. Electrolytic enrichment-liquid scintillation method, Reston lab (R-1174-76)

Uranium, dissolved. Fluorometric method-direct (R-1180-76)

Uranium, dissolved. Fluorometric method-extraction procedure (R-1181-76)

Uranium, dissolved, isotopic ratios. Alpha spectrometry~hemical separation (R-1182-76)





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