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Water-Supply Papers

Many USGS reports on water resources are now being served online. Most publications located at this site and other USGS sites can be located by subject, author, date, USGS series or publication series number by using the reports and thematic maps electronic Publications Warehouse. The Publications Warehouse currently contains the most extensive collection of online Water Supply Papers, and will eventually be taking the place of this page.

WSP 2502: Summary of Significant Floods in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, 1970 Through 1989, by C.A. Perry, B.N. Aldridge, and H.C. Ross

WSP 2499: Summary of floods in the United States, January 1992 through September 1993, edited by C.A. Perry and L.J. Combs

WSP 2497: Use of stable isotopes of carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur to identify sources of nitrogen in surface waters in the Lower Susquehanna River Basin, Pennsylvania, by Charles A. Cravotta III

WSP 2491: Computation of the Time-Varying Flow Rate from an Artesian Well in Central Dade County, Florida, by Analytical and Numerical Simulation Methods, by M.L. Merritt

WSP 2486: Physical, Chemical, and Biological Characteristics of the Charlotte Harbor Basin and Estuarine System in Southwestern Florida—A Summary of the 1982-89 U.S. Geological Survey Charlotte Harbor Assessment and Other Studies, by B.F. McPherson, R.L. Miller and Y.E. Stoker

WSP 2475: Descriptions of Anisotropy and Heterogeneity and their Effect on Ground-Water Flow and Areas of Contribution to Public Supply Wells in a Karst Carbonate Aquifer System, by L.A. Knochenmus and J.L. Robinson

WSP 2458: Simulation of the Water-Table Altitude in the Biscayne Aquifer, Southern Dade County, Florida, Water Years 1945-89, M.L. Merritt

WSP 2457: Base-flow characteristics of streams in the valley and ridge, the Blue Ridge, and the Piedmont Physiographic Provinces of Virginia, by D.L. Nelms, G.E. Harlow, Jr., and D.C Hayes

WSP 2445: Effect of seasonal and long-term changes in stress on sources of water to wells, by T.E. Reilly and D.W. Polloc

WSP 2439: Influence of evaporation, ground water, and uncertainty in the hydrologic budget of Lake Lucerne, a seepage lake in Polk County, Florida, by T.M. Lee and Amy Swancar

WSP 2434: Particle-tracking analysis of contributing areas of public supply wells in simple and complex flow systems, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, by Paul M. Barlow

WSP 2431: Tests of Subsurface Storage of Freshwater at Hialeah, Dade County, Florida, and Numerical Simulation of the Salinity of Recovered Water, by M.L. Merritt

WSP 2430: Evapotranspiration from areas of native vegetation in west-central Florida, by W.R. Bidlake, W.M. Woodham, and M.A. Lopez

WSP 2425: National water summary on wetland resources

WSP 2422: Sensitivity of water resources in the Delaware Basin to Climate
Variability and Change, by M.A. Ayers, D.M. Wolock, G.J. McCabe, L.E. Hay, and G.D. Tasker

WSP 2412: Factors affecting areas contributing recharge to wells in shallow aquifers, by T.E. Reilly and D.W. Pollack

WSP 2402: Biogeochemical and hydrological processes controlling the transport and fate of 1,2-dibromoethane (EDB) in soil and ground water, central Florida, by B.G. Katz

WSP 2388: Hydraulic characteristics of, and ground-water flow in, coal-bearing rocks of Southwestern Virginia, by G.E. Harlow, Jr. and G.D. LeCain

WSP 2381: Analysis of Nonpoint-Source Ground-Water Contamination in Relation to Land Use: Assessment of Nonpoint-Source Contamination in Central Florida, by E.R. German

WSP 2374: Low-Flow Characteristics of Streams in Virginia, by Donald C. Hayes

WSP 2370: Evaluation of the hydrologic system and selected water-management alternatives in the Owens Valley, CA, by W.R. Danskin

WSP 2363: Techniques for Estimation of Storm-Runoff Loads, Volumes, and Selected Constituent Concentrations in Urban Watersheds in the United States, by N.E. Driver and G.D. Tasker

WSP 2315: The effects of boundary conditions on the steady-state response of three hypothetical ground-water systems -- results and implications of numerical experiments, by O.L. Franke, and T.E. Reilly

WSP 2300: Maryland and the District of Columbia: surface-water resources, prepared by R.W. James, Jr.

WSP 2297: Estimation of recharge rates to the sand and gravel aquifer using environmental tritium, Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, by J.F. Knott and J.C. Olimpio

WSP 2294: Hydrologic Unit Maps, by P.R. Seaber, F. Paul Kapinos, and G.L. Knapp

WSP 2254: Study and interpretation of the chemical characteristics of natural water, by J.D. Hem

WSP 2220: Basic ground-water hydrology, by Ralph C. Heath

WSP 2218: Sewage plume in a sand and gravel aquifer, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, by D.R. LeBlanc

WSP 2175: Measurement and computation of streamflow Volume 1. Measurement of stage and discharge Volume 2. Computation of discharge, by S. E. Rantz and others

WSP 2000: Water for a Rapidly Growing Urban Community--Oakland County, Michigan, by F.R. Twenter and R.L. Knutilla

WSP 1988: Definitions of selected ground-water terms - Revisions and conceptual refinements, by S. W. Lohman

WSP 1849: Roughness characteristics of natural channels, by H.H. Barnes, Jr.

WSP 1536-E: Theory of Aquifer Tests, by J. G. Ferris, D. B. Knowles, R. H. Brown, and R. W. Stallman

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