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DS 234: Detailed Magnetic Surveys

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Nevada Aeromagnetic Anomaly Maps - Higher Resolution

These individual aeromagnetic residual anomaly grids/maps were generated using the most representative grid interval for the flight-line spacing of the surveys and maintain the original flight altitude of the individual surveys. They were then regridded to the 500-m (1,640-ft) interval and continued to the 305-m (1,000-ft) above ground flight altitude used in the State compilation.

Select an aeromagnetic map from the list below. All maps are displayed with an illumination from the northeast. The images were generated with a resolution to fit the screen and not with regard to original grid interval. Grids for all maps are in Geosoft Oasis montaj binary format (downloadable free software for conversions to other grid formats at and available in the data directory. A '00README.txt' file located there further defines the format.

For a full description of survey specifications see "Nevada Magnetic Data Index Maps" page.

Dixie Valley (4277) survey gridded at 50 m.

Bodie-Aurora (4233) and Excelsior Mountains (4253) surveys gridded at 75 m.

Goldfield (4266) survey gridded at 75 m.

Smoke Creek Desert (4294) survey gridded at 75 m.

Composite (707, 1150, 3117, 3137B, 4110, 4230, 4288) surveys gridded at 100 m.

Composite (1136, 1137, 4152) surveys gridded at 100 m.

Virgin Valley (4203) and Virgin Valley NW (4204) surveys gridded at 100 m.

Comstock (4283) survey gridded at 100 m.

Version 1.0

Posted December 2006

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