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      data/ Folder containing comma-separated value files and data key PDF file
            HLY1002_MICA.csv MICA data taken underway
            HLY1002_Discrete_Underway.csv Discrete sample data analyzed underway
            HLY1002_Discrete_Lab.csv Discrete sample data analyzed in the USGS St. Petersburg lab
            HLY1002_Isotopes.csv Isotope data taken underway and analyzed in the University of South Florida-Tampa stable isotope laboratory
            HLY1002_Nutrients.csv Nutrients data taken underway and analyzed in the USGS lab
      data/ctd_data/ Folder containing comma-separated value files for ctd casts
            Station 1.csv Station 1 CTD data
            Station 2.csv Station 2 CTD data
            Station 4.csv Station 4 CTD data
            Station 5.csv Station 5 CTD data
            Station 6.csv Station 6 CTD data
            Station 7.csv Station 7 CTD data
            Station 8.csv Station 8 CTD data
            Station 10.csv Station 10 CTD data
      html/ Folder containing HTML files for browsing dataset
            images/ Folder containing images used in HTML files
            acronyms.html HTML file containing a list of acronyms and abbreviations
            contents.html HTML file with directory of the report's content (this file)
            data.html HTML file with links to cruise data
            details.html HTML file with dataset details
            methods.html HTML file with data collection and processing methods
            metadata.html HTML file with links to metadata
            maps.html HTML file with trackline and station maps
      metadata/ Folder containing metadata for cruise data
            HLY1002_MICA.xml XML metadata for MICA Data
            HLY1002_DiscreteUnderway-Ship.xml XML metadata for Discrete Sample Data Analyzed Underway
            HLY1002_DiscreteUnderway-Lab.xml XML metadata of Discrete Sample Data Analyzed at the USGS St. Petersburg Lab
            HLY1002_Isotopes.xml XML metadata for Isotopes Data
            HLY1002_Nutrients.xml XML metadata for Nutrients Data
            HLY1002_Station.xml XML metadata for CTD Stations 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10
            HLY1002_UnderwayData.xml XML metadata for August 2010 Underway Data from USCGC Healy sensors
      index.html Index HTML file
      readme.txt Readme file

Home | Acronyms | Contents | Methods | Data | Metadata | Maps

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