Environmental Geochemistry and Sediment Quality in Lake Pontchartrain

Lake Pontchartrain Basin Imagery

The Lake Pontchartrain imagery is a subset of the regional view showing only Lake Pontchartrain and the adjacent offshore waters. These images come from the website . There are four categories highlighted:

 Bonnet Carré Spillway Event (March-April 1997)

 Algal Bloom Images (June-July 1997)

 Sea Surface Temperature (February-May 1995)

blball.gif (158 bytes) Water Turbidity (January-February 1995)

The Bonnet Carré and water turbidity scenes show reflectance data with scale bars for seston and K (diffuse attenuation coefficient); sea surface temperature is measured in degrees Celcius; and algal bloom is displayed by false-color infrared imagery. The displayed Lake Pontchartrain scene is enlarged by a factor of 4, and the image size is 480 pixels by 720 lines. Tick-marks around the edge of the image are at every 30 minutes (0.5 degrees). The Lake Pontchartrain images include a higher resolution coastline. The color tables correspond to those of the regional images; purple corresponds to low values and red (and pink) to high values.


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