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A Summary of Findings of the West-Central Florida Coastal Studies Project

USGS Open File Report 01-303

Purpose & Scope
Strategy, Data,
& Products
Study Area Characteristics
Early Geologic History
Coastal/Inner Shelf System
Study Objectives:
Primary Objectives
Study Findings:
Geologic Template
Infilled Shelf Valleys
Shelf Sedimentary
Hardbottom Development
Barrier Island Studies
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 3

Appendix 3

List of titles for Marine Geology Special volume.
  • Brooks, G. Doyle, L., Suthard, B. Locker, S.D., and Hine, A.C., in review (a). Facies architecture of a mixed carbonate/siliciclastic, sediment starved system: west-central Florida inner continental shelf: Marine Geology.

  • Brooks, G.R., Doyle, L.J., Davis, R.A., DeWitt, N.T. and Suthard, B.C., in review (b). Patterns and controls of surface sediment distribution on the west-central Florida inner shelf: Marine Geology.

  • Brooks, G., and Obrochta, S., in review. The role of hardbottoms in the recent geologic development of the west-central Florida inner continental shelf: Marine Geology.

  • Davis, R.A., and P. Barnard, in review. Morphodynamics of the barrier-inlet system, west-central Florida: Marine Geology.

  • Davis, R.A., C.K. Cuffe, K.A. Kowalski, and Shock, E.J., in review (a). Stratigraphic models for microtidal tidal deltas: examples from the Florida Gulf Coast. Marine Geology.

  • Davis, R.A., K.E. Yale, J. Pekala, and FitzGerald, M.V., in review (b). Stratigraphy of barrier islands, west-central Florida: Marine Geology.

  • Donahue, B.T., A.C. Hine, S. Tebbens, S.D. Locker, and D.C. Twichell, in review. Late Holocene Estuarine-Inner Shelf Interactions; is there evidence of an estuarine retreat path for Tampa Bay, Florida?: Marine Geology.

  • Duncan, D., Locker, S.D., Brooks, G.R., Hine, A.C., and Doyle, L.J., in review. Mixed carbonate-siliciclastic infilling of a Neogene carbonate shelf valley system: Tampa Bay, west-central Florida, Marine Geology.

  • Edwards, J.H., Harrison, S.E., Locker, S.D., Hine, A.C., and Twichell, D.C., in review. Stratigraphic Framework of Sediment-Starved Sand Ridges on a Mixed Siliciclastic/Carbonate Inner Shelf off West-Central Florida, Marine Geology.

  • Ferguson, T.W., R.A. Davis, and S. Locker, in review. Stratigraphy of valley fill sequences at the mouth of Tampa, Marine Geology.

  • Gelfenbaum, G., and Brooks, G., in review. The morphology and migration of transverse bars, Marine Geology.

  • Harrison, S.E, Locker, S.D, Hine, A.C., Edwards, J.H., Naar, D.F., and D.F. Mallinson, in review. Seafloor characteristics and process-response relationships of sediment-starved sand ridges on a mixed carbonate/siliciclastic inner shelf off west-central Florida. Marine Geology.

  • Hill, T.M, Brooks, G.R. and Medioli, F., in review. Benthic foraminifera of west-central Florida inner shelf sediments: implications for Holocene climatic and coastal development, Marine Geology.

  • Hine, A.C., Brooks, G.R., Davis, R.A., Jr., Doyle, L.J., Edgar, N.T., Gelfenbaum, G., Locker, S.D., Twichell, D.C., and Weisberg, R.H., in review. The West-Central Florida inner shelf and coastal system: A geologic conceptual overview. Marine Geology.

  • Locker, S.D., Hine, A.C., and Brooks, G.R., this volume. Regional stratigraphic framework linking continental shelf and coastal sedimentary deposits of west-central Florida. Marine Geology.

  • Obrochta, S.P., Duncan, D.S. and Brooks, G.R., in review. Hardbottom development and significance to the sediment-starved, west-central Florida inner continental shelf, Marine Geology.

  • Sedgwick, P.E., and R.A. Davis, in review. Stratigraphy of washover deposits: implications for recognition in the stratigraphic record, Marine Geology.

  • Spurgeon, D., and R.A. Davis, in review. Formation of "beachrock" at Siesta Key and its influence on barrier island development, Marine Geology.

  • Stott, J.K., and R.A. Davis, in review. Geologic development and morphodynamics of Egmont Key, Florida, Marine Geology.

  • Twichell, D.C., Brooks, G. Gelfenbaum, G., and Paskevich, V., in review. Inner shelf sand ridges off Sarasota FL: Modern deposits or reworking of a relict sand sheet?, Marine Geology.

Coastal & Marine Geology Program > Center for Coastal and Watershed Studies > Open File Report 01-303

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