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Multibeam Mapping of the Pinnacles Region, Gulf of Mexico

ArcExplorer Project


This Open-File Report contains an ArcExplorer 2.0 Project containing TIFF images of the multibeam bathymetry and acoustic backscatter data from the 2000 Pinnacles area survey

ArcExplorer is a freeware, GIS software package developed by ESRI. This project allows the user to overlay, zoom, pan, and query the Pinnacles area multibeam and other data. Other spatial data in UTM coordinates can be added to this project, which can be used in research projects.

This ArcExplorer project will only run an a PC running Windows 98/2000/NT.

If the user already has ArcExplorer 2.0 installed on the computer follow the instructions below.

If the user needs to install ArcExplorer 2.0, download the software directly from ESRI.


1. Download the pnproj.tgz file (5Mb).

2. pnproj.tgz is a bundled and compressed folder containing all the files needed for the ArcExplorer project. Pnproj.tgz needs to be uncompressed and unbundled using WinZip or a similar program before opening the project in ArcExplorer.

2. Double click on the pinn.aep file within the pnproj folder to start the ArcExplorer project

Disclaimer: Downloading files from the Internet can sometimes be problematic. Different web browsers and operating systems act differently. The instructions above may vary from system to system or may not work at all.

One known problem is sometimes Netscape Navigator automatically changes the .tgz suffix to .tar during the download. If this happens change the .tar suffix back to .tgz after the download. Double click on the pinn.tgz icon and Winzip should start up.

Contents of ArcExplorer Project

CON10 - 10-meter depth contours generated from the multibeam bathymetry data.

BATHY.TIF - Shaded-relief bathymetry TIFF image generated from the multibeam bathymetry data. The image shows the bathymetry at 16-m spatial resolution. The illumination azimuth is 300 degrees at an angle of 20 degrees.

MOS.TIF - TIFF image generated from the multibeam backscatter data. The image shows the backscatter at 16-m spatial resolution. The lighter tones show higher backscatter (possibly harder surfaces) while the darker tones show lower backscatter (possibly softer surfaces).

Projection Information
Projection: UTM
Zone: 16
Datum: WGS84
Units: Meters
Zunits: NO [backscatter]; Meters [bathymetry]

FGDC Compliant Metadata for ArcInfo GRID format:

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