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Contaminated Sediments Database for the Gulf of Maine, OFR 02-403
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How to access data in the Contaminated Sediments Database

This web site provides the background text and description of the Gulf of Maine database project, access to viewing and downloading the data tables, and information on the size and format of tables and figures.

The site can be viewed with most common browsers, and is constructed with compatibility for Netscape Communicator 4.5 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0.  The data dictionary and data tables, which are provided in Microsoft Excel 5.0/95 and tab delimited text, can be imported to most word processors, spreadsheet, database, and data manipulation programs. Please refer to software manuals or contact Jamey M. Currence  or Polly Hastings for conversions or help.

Tables can be viewed, downloaded and manipulated on any computer platform that has appropriate software installed and sufficient memory to open the data tables. It is recommended that your minimum configuration allow both the station table and one additional data table to be open simultaneously.

The data tables are accessible through the section in this document titled "Data Tables & Contaminant Distribution."  The metadata tables are accessible through the section in this document titled "Content Overview."

The database tables are:

Table Name File Name* File Type* File Size
Station Table STAT2002.xls Excel 5.0/95   8214 KB
Inorganics Table INOR2002.xls Excel 5.0/95   8581 KB
General Organics Table GENO2002.xls Excel 5.0/95


1520 KB
PCB and Pesticides Table PCBP2002.xls Excel 5.0/95


3154 KB
PAH Table PAHS2002.xls Excel 5.0/95


3322 KB
Texture/Grain Size Table TXTR2002.xls Excel 5.0/95 2356 KB
Data Dictionary GOMD2002.xls Excel 5.0/95 226 KB
Working Dictionary WORKDICT.xls Excel 5.0/95 54 KB
Glossary Glossary.xls Excel 5.0/95 36 KB
Database Bibliography GOMDBBib.doc Word 6.0/95 44 KB
Database Bibliography GOMDBBib.xls Excel 5.0/95 49 KB

*Note: files are also provided in tab delimited text format.

Downloading a selected file using  Internet Explorer

1.) Click on the link to the file and it will automatically open in your web browser.   Then choose File/Save As to save to the folder you select on your hard drive.
2.) Right click on the link to the file to display the drop down menu.  Choose "Save Target As" to save to the folder you select on your hard drive.

Downloading a selected file using Netscape

1.) Click on the file to display a dialog box  which asks "What do you want to do with this file?"  Choose "Open it" to open the file in the specified program (data tables are in EXCEL format.)  In EXCEL, Choose File/Save As to save to the folder you select on your hard drive.
2.) Choose "Save it to disk" to save to the folder you select on your hard drive.

 The first release of this product is on the World Wide Web; however, it will also be available by request on CD-ROM or paper copy for those without Internet access.

Feedback for this document is greatly appreciated.  It and questions or problems can be directed to USGS Woods Hole Staff listed under "Contacts".

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