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University of New Hampshire, Cooperative Institute for Coastal and Estuarine Environmental Technology, and U.S. Environmental Proctection Agency

Fracture-Correlated Lineaments at Great Bay, Southeastern New Hampshire

Open-File Report 02-13

By James R. Degnan and Stewart F. Clark, Jr.

This report is also available in pdf.




Purpose and Scope

Previous Studies

Geologic Setting



Fracture Measurements

Lineament Identification

Fracture-Correlation Techniques

Buffer Analysis

Domain Analysis

Discrete-Measurement Analysis

Spacing-Normalized Analysis

Bedrock and Fractures

Fractured-Correlated Lineaments

Summary and Conclusions

Selected References



1-2. Maps showing:
  1. Location of the lineament and outcrop study area in the Dover West, Dover East, Newmarket, and
Portsmouth 1:24,000-scale quadrangles in southeastern New Hampshire
  2. Location of domain cells and the distribution of fracture-set spacing in relation to the shoreline of
Great Bay, N.H.
3-5 Contoured stereo-net plots and azimuth-frequency plots at Great Bay, N.H., showing:
  3. Bedding and foliation data for (A) the Kittery Formation and (B) the Eliot Formation
  4. Fracture data for (A) all fractures, (B) Exeter Diorite, (C) Kittery Formation, (D) Eliot Formation,
(E) diabase dikes and sills, and (F) open and vug-filled fractures
  5. Fracture data binned by spacing for (A) 1- to 4-centimeter spacing, (B) 5- to 10-centimeter spacing,
(C) 11- to 40-centimeter spacing, and (D) 41- to 200-centimeter spacing
6. Map showing location of fracture-correlated lineaments with a 305-meter (1,000-foot) buffer zone determined
by buffer analysis in relation to the shoreline of Great Bay, N.H
7-8. Azimuth-frequency plots of:
  7. Discrete-measurement analysis of fracture data from domain cells, Great Bay, N.H
  8. Spacing-normalized analysis of fracture data from domain cells


1. Map showing fracture-correlated lineaments near Great Bay, southeastern New Hampshire (plate is a pdf file 1.6MB)


1. Azimuths of principal peaks as determined by discrete-measurement and spacing-normalized domain
analyses, Great Bay, N.H

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