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Noble, Xu, Rosenfeld, Largier, Hamilton, Jones, and Robertson, 2003, Huntington Beach Shoreline Contamination Investigation, Phase III: U.S. Geological Survey Open-file Report 03-62, version 1.0

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1. Background
2. Hypotheses
3. Objectives and Methods
4. Measurement Program
5. Major Findings:
5.1. Surfzone Bacterial Contamination Patterns
5.2. Outfall Plume Tracking
5.3. Coastal Transport Processes
6. Transport Processes
7. Conclusions
8. References
9. Acknowledgements


8. References

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9. Acknowledgements

The authors thank Joanne Ferreira, Marinna Martini, Jonathan Borden, Richard Rendigs, Kevin O'Toole, Dave Ganzales, Hal Williams, Fran Lightsom, Marla Stone and the captain and crew of R/V Robert Gordon Sproul for preparing, deploying and recovering the many types of instruments used in this project. Lori Hibbeler created the HTML document. Juliet Kinney and Kevin Orzech helped making all the figures here as well as in the final report. We also thank Jonatha Warrick for reviewing the manuscript.

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