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The National Assessment of Shoreline Change: A GIS Compilation of Vector Shorelines and Associated Shoreline Change Data for the U.S. Gulf of Mexico

USGS Open File Report 2004-1089

by: Tara L. Miller, Robert A. Morton, Asbury H. Sallenger, Laura J. Moore

GIS Data Layers


This publication was made possible by the hard work and generous cooperation of many individuals. We owe a debt of gratitude to Scott Douglass (Alabama), Emmett Foster (Florida), Jim Gibeaut (Texas), Shea Penland (Louisiana), and Barbara Yassin (Mississippi) for providing electronic historical shorelines and accompanying metadata for their respective states. Mike Rink (NOAA) provided digital historical shorelines and scans of selected T-sheets and David Doyle (NOAA) provided datum corrections so that T-sheets could be rectified before they were digitized by the USGS. Matt Stutz (Duke University), Steve Jones (Alabama Geological Survey), Scott Douglass (University of South Alabama), and Ralph Clark (Florida Department of Environmental Protection) provided information about beach nourishment projects. An enthusiastic and untiring USGS team was responsible for developing the methods and computer codes for extracting the lidar shorelines. The lidar research and development team included Abby Sallenger, Jeff List, Karen Morgan, Eric Nelson, Hillary Stockdon, and Kathy Webber. Rob Thieler worked closely with TPMC Environmental Services to develop and improve the Digital Shoreline Analysis System code for shoreline change measurement. Kristy Guy spent countless hours testing the DSAS code and suggesting improvements. She also contributed to the layout for the maps depicting rates of shoreline change. Lindsey Kraatz and Heather Kaminsky provided tremendous assistance by digitizing and georectifiying maps and preparing metadata. Jolene Shirley designed the web page layout and Valerie Paskevich created the IMS. We also thank Valerie Paskevich and Kristy Guy of the USGS for reviewing this product.

Coastal & Marine Geology Program > Open File Report 2004-1089

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