South Carolina Aeromagnetic Surveys


Index Map of Aeromagnetic Surveys

Index Map of South Carolina Aeromagnetic Surveys


The South Carolina composite aeromagnetic map contains data from 11 aeromagnetic surveys as shown in the above index map.  The survey numbers are keyed to the table below.  

Flight line data for the digitally recorded surveys (data type=digital) are available from a USGS web site: (U.S. Geological Survey and National Geophysical Data Center, 2002)

Analog survey data  (data type=analog) are available from USGS web site: (U.S. Geological Survey, 1999)

 Survey Facts

Survey No
Data Type
Survey Name
Flown by
Year Flown
Flight Spacing
Flight Direction
Flight Altitude
Flight-line miles
Field, Datum
0307 Analog Savannah ARMS USGS 07/1958-08/1958 1 mi. NW-SE 500 ft AG 10,000 Total field, arbitrary datum USGS GP-489
0549 Analog Southern Knoxville USGS 06/1965 1 mi. E-W 6000 ft B 4330 Total field, arbitrary datum USGS OF66-140
0631 Analog Haile Brewer USGS 12/1967 0.5 mi. E-W 400 ft AG 1245 Total field, arbitrary datum USGS OF70-334
3034 Digital Enoree Airmag 08/1973-10/1973 0.5 mi. NW-SE 500 ft AG 500 IGRF65 USGS OF75-051
3035 Digital Southern South Carolina Airmag 08/1973-10/1973 1 mi. N-S 500 ft AG 5800 IGRF65 USGS OF75-590
3047 Digital Northeast South Carolina GeoMet. 12/1974-02/1975 1 mi. E-W 500 ft AG 9630 IGRF65 USGS OF76-181
3049 Digital South Carolina-Georgia Border GeoMet. 10/1974-11/1974 1 mi. E-W 500 ft AG 2800 IGRF65 USGS OF76-155
3063C Digital Offshore East Coast Central LKB 11/74-10/75 3 mi. NW-SE 1500 ft B 19900 IGRF65 USGS GP-931
3063D Digital Offshore East Coast South LKB 01/75-12/75 2 mi. NW-SE 1500 ft B 41700 IGRF65 USGS GP-931
3071 Digital North-central South Carolina GeoMet. 07/1975 1 mi. E-W 500 ft AG 1764 IGRF65 USGS OF77-252
3118 Digital Northwest South Carolina LKB 1977-1978 1 mi. E-W 500 ft AG 7985 IGRF75 USGS OF78-847

Description of Table headings:

Survey No.: Internal USGS identification number
Data Type: Survey data were recorded in flight as analog or digital
Survey Name: Internal project name (not always the name used in publication title)
Flown By: Company or government agency who flew the original survey
Flight Spacing and Flight Direction: Primary flight-line spacing and primary flight-line direction
Flight Altitude: Primary flight altitude ; B = barometric elevation, AG = above ground draped over topography
Flight-Line Miles: Approximate total of line miles flown for this survey
Field, Datum: Indicates if a regional field was removed and, if it could be determined, the base value removed. Total field = no regional was removed. Arb. (arbitrary) datum = the base value removed was not stated on the map or in survey reports.
References: Brief publication reference. USGS publications are listed as: Open-File reports = OFxx-yyyy where xx is the publication year, Bulletins and Professional Papers = B-yyyy or P-yyyy, Geophysical Maps = GP-yyyy, Miscellaneous Field Studies Maps = MF-yyyy.

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